Friday, December 3, 2010

White Bedroom Set, Shabbied Up!

I have a buyer for the white bedroom set I finished up just before the Camp Verde sale!  Hooray!  The lady who is buying the set for her little girl wanted to have the set distressed (since with kids, it gets that way no matter what you do!)  I was more than happy to oblige.  (Distressing makes me happy.)  I also highlighted the harlequin pattern on the top of the side table with some soft green paint to match her room. (This was a detail I wanted to add before, but decided to keep it neutral to appeal to a wider range of buyers.)

So here’s the before (which used to be the after):


And here’s the new after (and, yes, our willow tree finally decided to dump it’s leaves):







I love how the distressing brings out all the cool little details!  They’re coming tomorrow from Flagstaff (100 miles away) to pick them up and take them to their new home.


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  1. The pieces were gorgeous before, but the are DOUBLY gorgeous now! The distressing is beautiful and the harlequin pattern is exquisite!

  2. I need a bib! Drooling makes a mess. LOL It is stunnig. I love the detail added to the side table.

  3. OmGosh! OmGosh! Love, love, love!!!!!!! Where do you get your tags?????

  4. Beautiful! I am looking for painting inspiration. Looks like I came to the right place! ;)

    Ann Marie - you'll want to stop over and read my post this evening. hint hint!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  5. Oh my how the details pop now. I have to admit I did not notice all of the fun details at the top of the bed until you distressed it. Love this set - so my style! White and distressed!

  6. Glad you found a buyer! Sad it wasn't us. I think we're so cheap I'm doomed to a life of DIY. :-) I like it both ways. I guess it just depends on the room.

  7. 100x better! Nicely done! What gorgeous pieces!


  8. Love that set all shabbied up!! The pattern on the night stand is perfect!

  9. That is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful!!! So inspiring!


  10. What an absolutely beautiful set! Oh how I could see this in my house. You do amazing stuff with furniture!


  11. Wow, amazing and lovely. This will look beautiful in a girls room...or any room that has that shabby chic look. Great Job! Terry

  12. Lovely distressing job. I personally prefer distress. Glad you found a buyer so close to Christmas...$$$ :) How do you make your tags?

  13. Feeling very fortunate to have seen the original in person, I love the distressing, and the harlequin. What a lucky little girl!

  14. I LOOOOVE it distressed! Makes my heart melt! The design on the little side is gorgeous!

  15. These are such pretty pieces! You did a great job. JenT

  16. hi can you give me some pointers for distressing? I have a HUGE built in that was here when we bought our home (which is the smallest house in America I bet) it was painted nasty blue when we moved in so as a quick fix (pregnant with #2 and had a 15 month old) I painted it very dark high gloss brown to match our leather couch, it took 3 coats and now (4 years later) is nicked to high heavens, I am planning on doing a white distress because as you stated with kids (we now have 3 under 5!) its inevitable but white would open up the place. Do i need to strip God knows how many coats first? Or can I just sand & prime? Im having the same problem in my kitchen with the painted white cabinets, they are nicked but note a cute distress look, after you paint it white do you stain it? Can you stain a gloss finish? I really need some help :/

  17. my email is

    and thanks in advance! Im kinda hopeless at the moment!

  18. love love LOVE these. my fave is your playful diamond pattern, too cute!


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