Thursday, December 2, 2010

Copper Cabinet

Have you noticed all the copper popping up in all our favorite home and design stores and catalogs?  I have, and must say, I’m really diggin’ it.  Copper does not have to be southwest kitsch, like we find so much down here in AZ, the Copper State.  It can be chic!!


You’ve, of course, seen this “Copper Clad” dresser from Anthro.  (Although it’s awesome, it doesn’t really look very copper to me.)


Then Anthro hits the copper nail on the head with these rustically modern chairs!


Horchow has some similar copper chairs with a great worn patina!


Here’s a fantastic copper topped coffee table, also from Horchow.


Horchow is obviously running with this trend!  Here’s a Copper Ball Lamp from them too.


Some great hammered copper décor pieces from everyone’s fave, Pottery-to-the-Barn.


Restoration Hardware also jumps on the copper band wagon with a fantastic pendant fixture.


You see?!?!  It’s everywhere!!  And it’s fantastic!!

I decided to give it a go myself.  I had this sad little cabinet waiting for the muse to inspire.


This is actually the third life this little cabinet has had.  It was one of my first ever furniture redos.  We inherited it when we got married 10 plus years ago from my husband’s grandma.  (The same grandma from whom we got our bedroom dresser that I recently revamped as well.)  I sprayed it with black granite spray paint, added some funky pulls and called it a day.  It held our TV back in the day, and most recently held stuff in the hubby’s office, until it was replaced by his new armoire.

Well, I sanded as much of the bumpy spray-granite texture I could off, leaving it as pictured above.  I chose to use a new color in Decoart’s Elegant Finish Metallic Paints called “Worn Penny.” 


I’ve used the Elegant Finish Metallics on other projects in the past, and am a big fan!!  Although they have fantastic shine, they don’t have great coverage, so when using them, I always prime with a similar color.  I use much less paint that way. (This whole cabinet used less than half of the little jar of paint!)  So I primed it with some brownish red spray primer.  Then I used my Purdy brush (the fineness of which is really a must when working with metallic paints to minimize the inevitable brush strokes) and, with a light hand, brushed on the “Worn Penny” paint.  I used both a brown glaze and then a black glaze, to give it a rich patina.  Lastly, I added some copper pulls.






I finished up a big hutch today, too.  It’s off to a local boutique.  The owner’s going to send me some pictures, since I wasn’t able to take any before her (far too efficient) husband came to pick it up.  :)  She’s a professional photographer, so I’m sure they’ll be way better than mine would’ve been.

P.S. – We hit 1000 followers today!!!!  I’m so excited!!  You guys are awesome!


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  1. I love the pulls on the top! You did a great job!

  2. when you started the entry, I was wondering, what the heck would a metallic finished cabinet look like. It looks really sharp! Like it a lot!

  3. Wow, congratulations on 1000 followers! I am excited to hit 150 :)

    I know that you recently got a sprayer. Can I ask, what do you use as a spray booth? I am at that point where a sprayer has gone from being nice to have at some stage, to I must have very soon!

    xx Karen

  4. I love the finish on the cabinet! It looks so ruggedly handsome!

  5. I wish I could say I love it but I'm not a fan of the copper on anything really. Maybe it will grow on me.

  6. I, too, have been noticing the copper trend and it has always been a favorite of mine (but not because I also live in AZ). I have a wall cabinet I'm going to repurp into a TV/media cabinet and have not been inspired until now. Thanks!

  7. I'm totally in live with it!!!!! I've always been a fan of copper and love the new trend.

  8. I'm so out of the loop I didn't even know there was a copper trend, but I totally love it. You always have great ideas and keep your followers (like myself) IN the loop. Love it! I suppose you're keeping it since it was passed down. How do you get a boutique to carry your items? Is she selling it for you or did she buy it? I was thinking of trying to get some of my pieces into a boutique. Thanks.

  9. Wow and double Wow. The cabinet looks great. And congrats to 1,000 followers.

  10. I'm feelin it. It looks very expensive. Not feelin the before picture.

  11. Congrats on the 1,000 followers! Awesome. This piece is stunning. You are such a daredevil! You try the best things! :)

  12. yay for 1k followers!
    Love the hardware, and you did a great job.
    Thanks for linking up and linking back to me.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. I LOVE this finish! It so class yet COZY! Perfect for this time of year. Great job!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  14. Gorgeous! I have two pieces that I was going to zinc and realized they needed to be richer, warmer tones...just like this! I have the DecoArt elegant finished in multiple colors...I do love their performance, and I think my decision has been made.

  15. I love the look of really rich metal. Good job love these.


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