Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheval Dressing Mirror

Sorry that it’s been forever since I posted a project!  Sheesh!  I’ve had a bazillion (my go-to exaggeration number.  Do you have one?) things going but haven’t been able to get anything completed and pictured and blogged about for SO long.  My apologies.  BUT the silver-lining to that cloud is that I have a bazillion things just about ready to show you, so you’re going to be like “Ann Marie!  Quit spamming my blog reader, why don’t ya!”  And I will laugh maniacally and wring my hands with fiendish delight.  :)

Some old friends of mine (not that they are old, I’ve just known them a long time) were moving and got a hold of me last week to see if I wanted a few things that they were getting rid of in the move.  Terri reads the blog and knows I can’t turn down free.  (Hi Terri!)  She gave me a set of 4 Ethan Allen Maple Braceback Chairs that I’m planning on making a dining set of with a round pedestal table I have.  That project will be for another day, but she also gave me an oak cheval dressing mirror.  Here’s the very uninspiring before (after I had begun prep-work, of course…)


I decided to paint it a soft off-white and distress to shabby chic perfection.





I hand-painted this project, but I also have my new HVLP paint sprayer up and running!  I’m seriously in love.  It’s been a long search for this picky informed buyer, and I couldn’t be happier with it’s first performance.  I’ll show you later today how the armoire for my husband turned out.  Two posts in one day!!  I know!!  :)

In other quite exciting news, we’re going to kick off a REALLY BIG giveaway very soon, so hold onto your seats!!  I’m so excited to tell you about it!!


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  1. Oh so pretty! Can't wait to see what else you have you have to show us. =0)

  2. Ooh I am so escited for you that you have got your sprayer finally up and running....I am hanging out for one but need the spray booth space first... My 4 yr old son's go-to exaggeration number (well not even exaggeration number, just the one that covers everything as far as he is concerned, is 'a million from one' whatever that means, lol.

    xx Karen

  3. That is so pretty. I have an oak cheval mirror and have always wanted to refinish it. How did you cover the grain so it didn't show through? Also how do u get the sanded (distressed) part to show up dark? Thanks for any help you can give me. I love seeing all of your stuff.

  4. so perfect! Great job on the subtle distressing.

  5. It is shabby chic perfect!!!!!

  6. The mirror looks amazing! I need to show this to my sister; she has a cheval mirror like this.

  7. Looks SO good! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

  8. Oh, I love this! The distressing is perfect!

  9. Hey that is my go to number too! Love what you did to the mirror, it looks beautiful.

  10. Yummy! Let us hope Terri is moving next to me :) Love the armoire for the hubster too. Crafty gal.

  11. so pretty! i can just picture my own little princess dressing up and playing in front of the mirror. she has a bit of a mirror obsession. ;) gorgeous! thank for joining my party!


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