Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poor Shoeless Girl & the Long-awaited Sprayer

You all remember my post a while back about sorting through my 2 year old little girl’s fall/winter clothes and cleaning out what we didn’t need or wouldn’t fit?  Well, as I went through the shoes, I found that we have a serious lack of shoes that are going to fit her rapidly growing feet!  The incredibly gracious people at CSN have generously offered to send me some appropriately sized shoes for my poor little shoeless girl.  Did you know they had shoes?  I didn’t.  And they’re super cute!!  If you haven’t yet checked out CSN’s 200+ online stores, you really must.  They have just about everything you could ever think of wanting to buy, from a bar stool, to awesome learning supplies for your kids, to an array of tools (I must say, I’ve been eyeing the router table and bits to go with my (mom’s) Dremel tool.)

Here’s the shoes from Mooshu Trainers that we’re going to get.  THEY’RE METALLIC!!!  (Could you die?!?!  Do I have a problem?  You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?)

mooshu brown patent aab mj 4in

In other news, after nearly a month of waiting, my new HVLP paint sprayer arrived late last week, and I visited Home Depot yesterday to get all the necessary fittings and an air hose to attach it to my air compressor.  I’m so incredibly stoked to try it out!  I have a feeling that this will be THE one!  I got up this morning all a-twitter to give spraying a go, only to find lots and lots of wet outside.  I think the rain is supposed to subside today, so hopefully tomorrow will be the first day of a long, happy life of painting efficiency.  :)

Since I can’t try out the sprayer, I think I’m going to try and make a video tutorial of the painting and glazing process that I used on the Metallic Pieces I posted last week.  I’ve had quite a few questions about it, and I think it’ll (hopefully) be easier to show you rather than try to write it.  My husband is usually the one who handles the camera and uploading the videos and such, so wish me luck!  But first, I need to take a shower.  :)

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  1. I can't wait to hear about your sprayer. I am contemplating on purchasing one!


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