Monday, March 1, 2010

China Hutch Turned Entertainment Center

This isn't a Twice Lovely project, but I thought you might be interested to see a furniture re-do that I did a while ago for my home.

Our old tube TV had finally bit the dust, and after we did a little happy dance that we could now justify the purchase of a new flat screen HDTV, I started looking around for an entertainment center to house said flat screen. SHEESH!! Those things are pricey! Even at discount type stores, the kind I wanted with lots of storage and the place above the TV for the DVD player and VCR were inevitably at least $250, but usually a lot more than that. There was no way with spending $$ on the TV itself that we would have had that kind of money to spend on something to hold the TV and all our stuff. So I knew that I would have to think outside the box on this one.

I originally spied this solidly built Ashley Furniture China Hutch on craigslist. The woman was trying to sell it for $125. I was tempted to offer her $100, but resisted and there it sat on craigslist for weeks. Right about the time I thought, "I'm going to offer her $80 and see what she says," the ad was gone. Darn it!! A few weeks later, I happened to stop by the GW (or Goodwill) on a Friday afternoon, and there she was!!! I guess the lady had given up selling it and donated it instead. They had it priced at $80 (right what I was going to offer her), BUT the next day was 50% off Saturday. SO, for the first time, I was waiting in the line of people at the door of the GW. When 9:00 came, everyone rushed in, I claimed my prize, triumphantly paid the $40 price tag, and brought her home! (Actually I came home and made the perplexed hubby hop in the truck and run down to pick her up and bring her home. Details...)

Here's the before:

And here it is after:

I got the nobs and handles at Hobby Lobby for half-off. I believe it was about $12 for the 8.

I love it just about as much as hubby enjoys his HDTV. And, although my thrifting perplexes him regularly, he really does appreciate it when I can save us that kind of dough.

Thanks SO much for giving this blog such a wonderful start with your warm reception of these projects! You guys are awesome!! Can't wait to get some more done!

Craftily Yours,


  1. I'm wishin for close-ups of the handles and details??? Pretty please?

  2. A great quality about this piece: it's nice and thin, so it doesn't take up that much space, but sleekly gets the job done. Wish people said the same for me. Love the outside-of-box thinking.

  3. $40?!?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! You got one heck of a deal! And I can't believe you managed to get it on the 50% off day! That is a post in itself. It look fab now! Is it lined on the inside w/ fabric or paper?

  4. I love how this turned out-- great job!


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