Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Touch on the Turquoise Chair!

I made an adorable little back pillow for the Turquoise Chair last night. LOVE it!! Definitely puts the exclamation point on the project, don't you think? This one's ready to go...

I'm going over to Cara's house this morning so we can work on a dining room table and chairs and the pair of arm chairs I picked up at the GW on Saturday. The creative juices are a-flowin'! Can't wait to get stuff done to show you all!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is so chic! Love that blue. The pillow definitely adds that extra POP. Did you make the chair pillow too? I love how they have blue buttons & trimming.

  2. Love the turquoise. Just got me my first spray can of it this week! Can't wait to redo a endtable with it! Love your stuff on here! Stop by my painting blog and say hello sometime! Jennifer


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