Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lady's Sitting Chair

This was actually the first piece I redid once deciding to set out on this adventure of furniture rehab for pay (so far it's been all rehab and no pay, but hopefully that changes soon.)

The perplexed husband (unfortunately) deleted the before pics from the camera, teaching me the all-too-valuable lesson that I need to be quicker about moving things off the camera and onto my computer...but I digress (better get used to that too.) :)

So, all I have to give you an idea of this chair's beginnings is a picture I took after I had it primed:

When I brought it home, it had a blue velour (what is it with the velour people!?!?) seat cushion, a caned back that had a hole in it, and a finish that had seen better days for sure.

I painted it ivory and distressed the finish, which brought out all the wonderful appliques and details (gotta LOVE those fluted legs!) I upholstered the seat and both the front and the back of the caning with a soft green and ivory damask print. I jumped on the opportunity to try these frayed rosettes from Sis Boom over at I love the detail they added to the back of the chair! The final element was the trim, which I fell in love with and want to use all the time now. It's actually the little double drawstring strip that (I believe, but don't quote me) you use to make roman shades! I just cinched it up until it was gathered to my liking, tea stained it to go with the shabby chic feel of the rest of the chair, and hot glued it on to cover the staples. I'm smitten, I must say.

Let's just hope I can talk someone in a local shop into picking up my stuff to sell! I'm also quite interested in hearing your comments with regards to pricing. What do you think? I'm terrible at putting a monetary value on things I make.

Thanks for the support after my post yesterday!! It's so exciting to read your comments and get followers! Keep 'em commin'!

I'm linking to Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Feature Friday. I KNOW this chair is right up her alley. ;)

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  1. So glad you have a blog now to showcase your creativity! This chair is stunning! Can't wait for more projects!

  2. Ann Marie.. that chair is beautiful! you did a great job giving new life to an old chair!
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my "dresser to bench"
    take care, have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful! And a neat idea for the trim. Don't know how much you have invested in this time and material wise, but I don't see it going for less than $125 if you are wholesaling it. At least twice that much if you sell it yourself.

  4. just two posts and I'm in love!! can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve :)

  5. What a stunning makeover...luv it! Hop over and check out my new THRIFTY party...your chair will feel right at home! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  6. Gorgeous makeover...great details!

  7. "Perplexed husband" HA! Someday they'll see the light.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful words of encouragement and for giving this blog such a fantastic start!

    Cara - He was certainly perplexed when I picked up another set of chairs yesterday to re-do, when I haven't sold any yet. :D Oh well.

  9. That is beautiful. Did you just glue the rosettes on? Seriously...stunning. You definitely have a knack. I am horrible at pricing to. I would think at least $100 in an antique shop.

  10. I hand-sewed the rosettes onto the back through the caning. Thanks for the complements! I'm blushing... :)

  11. I LOVE this chair! You did a wonderful job with the upholstery and all of the finishing touches. Wonderful work!

  12. That is just amazing. I love the little flowers. Darling!

    Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!


  13. I would def. buy this! You did one heck of job on this one. I love it!!

  14. Love it! That fabric is great! I have no idea what to tell you about charging.

  15. Stunning! Just stunning. I love the flower details. That made me smile. :)


  16. Gorgeous! Id love to own a chair like this.


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