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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hollywood regency bamboo chairs

This story begins a couple of weeks ago, when I spotted a pair of chairs on the local Craigslist.  They were certainly unique.  I had never come across anything like them before.  And they were cheap, which is always an intriguing factor for me as well.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t completely in love with them at first.  In fact, I couldn’t decide if I loved and had to have them or if they repulsed me, so I threw the pic up on the Twice Lovely Facebook page asking for opinions, and BOY OH BOY did I get some opinions!!


The post reached nearly 3500 people, and the fb page only has 3211 fans!!  That’s kind of unheard of. And they sure got everyone’s juices fired up in on both sides of, what I’m dubbing, Chairgate 2013.  People either were willing to trade their first born child for them or were physically made ill by the sight of them.  It was very amusing to read the 116 comments as they came in!

Of course, all the drama surrounding them only made me want them more.  I asked my friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals her opinion before I bit the bullet, full knowing she would love them and wanting some emotional back up to my now-undying-need to purchase and fix these babies up.  She said “I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! Will you leave them to me in your will?” And the deal was sealed. 

I called.  And they were “no longer available.”  So sad! The time of great sadness, mercifully, only lasted until the next afternoon when I got an email telling me that the other person hadn’t shown up and the chairs were mine if I still wanted them.  Uh, yeah!

And when I went to pick them up, I was so excited!  These things are super sturdy, and even cuter in person than they were in the pic.  They’re solid bamboo and oh-so Hollywood Regency/Chinoiserie, which is super HOT in design right now. 

The grody cushions went right into the trash, and finding these great, practically-new Pier One cushions that were just the right size at my local Goodwill inspired the color choice for these beauts. 

There were quite a few people on the fb post voicing concerns about their comfort.  Of course, they aren’t barcaloungers or bean bags or whatever else you might consider the height of comfort.  You wouldn’t hunker down in one for an evening of Breaking Bad.  Come on. They’re occasional chairs.  But for what they are, I think they’re very comfortable!  They would make great desk chairs, or make a statement flanking an entry table in a foyer.

I think they fixed up quite nicely, myself.  What say you nay-sayers? ;)




Friday, August 23, 2013

More Ugly Art made into family organization chalk boards

In line with yesterday’s post, I also wanted to share a pair of ugly art pieces that I found quite a while ago (that happen to have the exact same style frame as my Bulletin Board!)


I did an antiqued silver finish on the frames and painted right over those “classic” art pieces with chalkboard paint.  I have a two month calendar, an area for notes and a to-do list as well as a shopping list.  I’m not in the habit of using it yet, but I really need to, especially with keeping the calendar.  It’s really getting difficult keeping everyone’s activities and our commitments in my noggin’!!



Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family Bulletin Board from ugly art

An inevitability when you have a family is the accumulation of papers, and bits, and photographs, and greeting cards, and party invitations, and appointment cards, and very-special-you-can’t-throw-that-away-ever priceless pieces of 5-year-old art.  I hate having these things magneted to every square inch of my fridge, but what else are you going to do with them?

I decided to buy a very giant, very UGLY piece of vintage “art”…


…spray paint the frame, spray tack on a roll of cork and some pretty fabric, hot glue some trim around the edges and make a family bulletin board for all our bits and pieces:


It’s now hanging in the hall, back towards the mudroom, opposite of our family photo gallery.  Easy project that makes a big organizational and design impact, don’t you think?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Colorful Laundry Room

Cheerful, Colorful Laundry Room from Twice Lovely

It has taken me forever to get the final finishing touches for the laundry done, but after 5 1/2 months in the new house, I’m finally calling this one room complete finito!!

When we moved in, in April, the laundry room space was a big ol’ blank slate, like so much of this house.  It was a great size, but besides the shelf over the place for the washer and dryer, there was NOTHING.



All that “smart space” needed some smart space planning!  So we decided to build some cabinetry (with the help of the same ClosetMaid Utility Cabinets from Home Depot that we used on our Mudroom), including 2 banks of upper cabinets to utilize storage space all the way up on the 9 foot celings, and two lower cabinets creating a desk space in the corner of the room with a L-shaped countertop.  All of the cabinets for this room cost less than $500, which is WAY less than even unfinished stock cabinets!

I made the counter top out of 3/4 inch birch plywood, stained Dark Walnut, and added a 1x3 pine board backsplash and some trim around the edges in the same stain to finish it off.  Cheap and beautiful, my favorite combination!  I think the countertop cost around $50 to make.

The bright and cheerful color scheme was inspired by this awesome area rug I purchased from Urban Outfitters, and makes the monumental task of keeping up with a family of 6’s laundry a little more tolerable. ;)

So welcome to my new laundry room! (Feel free to do a load while you’re here.  I’m always backed up.)








The last things that I finished up yesterday were the two canvases for the wall d├ęcor (I got to try out my handy little Faux Bois wood graining tool, which was SO fun!) and weaving the grosgrain ribbon and fabric strips in my Dollar Tree storage baskets for the shelf to make them hide the junk a little better. ;)

I love my laundry room! All the storage in fantastic! I can keep all my Esty Shop stuff put away and organized, and use the desk space for knob assembly, which is really nice to keep it out of the eating areas!  All that great counter space also means that the clean, folded, but not-yet-put-away laundry doesn’t keep us from eating our diner at the dining room table. :)

Next thing is to upgrade my 10 year old washer and it’s mismatched Craigslist dryer.  A girl can dream…


Friday, August 9, 2013

Vintage Industrial Vanity-turned-Nightstand


Pretty much since the first day we looked at the new house, I’ve had the whole thing almost completely decorated in my head, it’s just a matter of finding the time, energy, and money to complete the vision in real life.  But one room that I was stuck on was my 2 older boys’ room(11 and 8.)

I knew that I wanted to do something a little more grown up that will transition them into (sniff, sniff) the teenage years.  But I had no clear vision of what I wanted to do in there.  Plus they have very functional yet completely unattractive wood bunk bed/desk/drawers combo thing that everyone on the block has and I think it was blocking my creativity and vision for what the style of the room could be.

Then last week, as the fortunes would have it, I came upon a matching set of two HEAVY metal beds (headboards, footboards, rails and slats) at the salvage yard (of all places) and fell instantly in love and almost-as-instantly was hit with the complete vision for their room.  Hooray!


(Even better, and you’re going to hate me for this, but the beds were only $35 a piece!!!  I know!!!)

So I’m calling the design Vintage Industrial Travel.  Browsing around Pinterest gave me some great ideas.  Here’s a few examples of where I’m headed with this.  Think patinaed metals, leather, rustic wood, vintage airplanes, old maps, vintage travel posters…

RH Baby and Child

RH Baby and Child

unknown source, sorry designer! thanks Pinterest!

For more Big Boy Bedroom inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board!

But now, onto the first completed project for the new room!

I bought this awesome art deco vanity from one of my dearest friends who was (sniff, sniff) moving to Texas.


(By the way, I didn’t use the really cool original art deco pulls on the finished project and will be listing them for sale in my Etsy Shop, The Hob Knobery.  Let me know if you NEED them.  ;)

I had been debating on what to do with this piece, and as I started planning the boys room I had the inspired thought that it would make a great nightstand for in between the two twin beds.  Can you see it?  The two raised side portions are perfect little nightstands for each boy, with their own little lamp and drawers, don’t you think?  And the waterfall top is very reminiscent of the vintage air travel look to me, too. 

So I decided not to use the round mirror (It’s for sale as is, if you’d like it. I think it would be great hung on a wall.)  I made a little shelf down below in the center for a basket or crate of something.  I removed the peeling veneer from the drawers and sanded down to raw wood, and did a rustic stain with vinegar and black tea.  I used some vintage water valve knobs on the center drawer that I carry in the Etsy shop, and handmade some leather strap pulls for the side drawers (I’m going to start carrying these at The Hob Knobery too, soon!)  The body got a patinaed silver finish, and it was vintage industrial perfection!






It totally looks like it could have been in one of the Restoration Hardware rooms!  I think it’s going to look great between the new beds, don’t you?  So excited now that there’s a plan for in there!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ornate Coffee Table in CeCe Caldwell’s Destin Gulf Green

I’m a little late to the party on this, but I just recently tried CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Paint for the first time.  And I really enjoyed working with the product.  It’s got a nice, earthy smell, with ZERO VOC’s which is a big plus.  You can paint with it right in your house without stinking up the place.  The color palette is really to die for.  The first can I got, I went for Destin Gulf Green ( a nice, deep, rich turquoise), but my head is swimming with which to go for next time.

I started with this lovely, ornate, oval coffee table that was given to me by a lovely friend of my mother in law.


I just gave it a little cleaning and jumped right in with no priming, which is also a big benefit to CeCe’s paint line.


Another fun aspect to this paint is that you can give it a nice, natural looking distressing with just a wet rag! No sanding dust or mess afterwards!

The distressing brought out all that gorgeous carved detail.




I gave it a top coat of CeCe’s Endurance finish, which I also loved using.  It gives a really tough finish, which is especially useful on table tops or things that will get lots of use.  I think it’ll serve this little coffee table well for years to come.