Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hollywood regency bamboo chairs

This story begins a couple of weeks ago, when I spotted a pair of chairs on the local Craigslist.  They were certainly unique.  I had never come across anything like them before.  And they were cheap, which is always an intriguing factor for me as well.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t completely in love with them at first.  In fact, I couldn’t decide if I loved and had to have them or if they repulsed me, so I threw the pic up on the Twice Lovely Facebook page asking for opinions, and BOY OH BOY did I get some opinions!!


The post reached nearly 3500 people, and the fb page only has 3211 fans!!  That’s kind of unheard of. And they sure got everyone’s juices fired up in on both sides of, what I’m dubbing, Chairgate 2013.  People either were willing to trade their first born child for them or were physically made ill by the sight of them.  It was very amusing to read the 116 comments as they came in!

Of course, all the drama surrounding them only made me want them more.  I asked my friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals her opinion before I bit the bullet, full knowing she would love them and wanting some emotional back up to my now-undying-need to purchase and fix these babies up.  She said “I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! Will you leave them to me in your will?” And the deal was sealed. 

I called.  And they were “no longer available.”  So sad! The time of great sadness, mercifully, only lasted until the next afternoon when I got an email telling me that the other person hadn’t shown up and the chairs were mine if I still wanted them.  Uh, yeah!

And when I went to pick them up, I was so excited!  These things are super sturdy, and even cuter in person than they were in the pic.  They’re solid bamboo and oh-so Hollywood Regency/Chinoiserie, which is super HOT in design right now. 

The grody cushions went right into the trash, and finding these great, practically-new Pier One cushions that were just the right size at my local Goodwill inspired the color choice for these beauts. 

There were quite a few people on the fb post voicing concerns about their comfort.  Of course, they aren’t barcaloungers or bean bags or whatever else you might consider the height of comfort.  You wouldn’t hunker down in one for an evening of Breaking Bad.  Come on. They’re occasional chairs.  But for what they are, I think they’re very comfortable!  They would make great desk chairs, or make a statement flanking an entry table in a foyer.

I think they fixed up quite nicely, myself.  What say you nay-sayers? ;)





  1. Wow! I would've been in the "What were u thinking?" catagory, but this wouldn't be the first time I was proven wrong. Well done! And kudos on the nearly new pier 1 cushions find.

  2. you KNOW i LOVE LOVE these awesome little things. So very cute! Like your new blog!!!

  3. Wow!! Looks great, you are crazy fast!!

  4. Think they turned out wonderful, especially with the cushions. I am working on painting a set of brass bamboo nesting tables turquoise.

  5. Much like a pair of glam high heels! Will you keep them?

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