Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Colorful Laundry Room

Cheerful, Colorful Laundry Room from Twice Lovely

It has taken me forever to get the final finishing touches for the laundry done, but after 5 1/2 months in the new house, I’m finally calling this one room complete finito!!

When we moved in, in April, the laundry room space was a big ol’ blank slate, like so much of this house.  It was a great size, but besides the shelf over the place for the washer and dryer, there was NOTHING.



All that “smart space” needed some smart space planning!  So we decided to build some cabinetry (with the help of the same ClosetMaid Utility Cabinets from Home Depot that we used on our Mudroom), including 2 banks of upper cabinets to utilize storage space all the way up on the 9 foot celings, and two lower cabinets creating a desk space in the corner of the room with a L-shaped countertop.  All of the cabinets for this room cost less than $500, which is WAY less than even unfinished stock cabinets!

I made the counter top out of 3/4 inch birch plywood, stained Dark Walnut, and added a 1x3 pine board backsplash and some trim around the edges in the same stain to finish it off.  Cheap and beautiful, my favorite combination!  I think the countertop cost around $50 to make.

The bright and cheerful color scheme was inspired by this awesome area rug I purchased from Urban Outfitters, and makes the monumental task of keeping up with a family of 6’s laundry a little more tolerable. ;)

So welcome to my new laundry room! (Feel free to do a load while you’re here.  I’m always backed up.)








The last things that I finished up yesterday were the two canvases for the wall décor (I got to try out my handy little Faux Bois wood graining tool, which was SO fun!) and weaving the grosgrain ribbon and fabric strips in my Dollar Tree storage baskets for the shelf to make them hide the junk a little better. ;)

I love my laundry room! All the storage in fantastic! I can keep all my Esty Shop stuff put away and organized, and use the desk space for knob assembly, which is really nice to keep it out of the eating areas!  All that great counter space also means that the clean, folded, but not-yet-put-away laundry doesn’t keep us from eating our diner at the dining room table. :)

Next thing is to upgrade my 10 year old washer and it’s mismatched Craigslist dryer.  A girl can dream…



  1. I would actually enjoy doing laundry in your space. It turned out beautifully.

  2. Looks super fun and cute! Love the rug!!! I have been thinking of fancying up our LR. I feel like I spend my life in there. :)

  3. so cute for sooo many reasons! love your faux bois art and that beautiful desk top! great space AM!!!

  4. looks awesome! and totally love the blog look!

  5. What a super happy place to do laundry! I love the faux bois art too!

  6. This is beautiful! I'm looking to find the perfect yellow for my laundry room and I wondered if you remembered the color you chose. . . it's so cheerful!


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