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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lady's Sitting Chair

This was actually the first piece I redid once deciding to set out on this adventure of furniture rehab for pay (so far it's been all rehab and no pay, but hopefully that changes soon.)

The perplexed husband (unfortunately) deleted the before pics from the camera, teaching me the all-too-valuable lesson that I need to be quicker about moving things off the camera and onto my computer...but I digress (better get used to that too.) :)

So, all I have to give you an idea of this chair's beginnings is a picture I took after I had it primed:

When I brought it home, it had a blue velour (what is it with the velour people!?!?) seat cushion, a caned back that had a hole in it, and a finish that had seen better days for sure.

I painted it ivory and distressed the finish, which brought out all the wonderful appliques and details (gotta LOVE those fluted legs!) I upholstered the seat and both the front and the back of the caning with a soft green and ivory damask print. I jumped on the opportunity to try these frayed rosettes from Sis Boom over at youcanmakethis.com. I love the detail they added to the back of the chair! The final element was the trim, which I fell in love with and want to use all the time now. It's actually the little double drawstring strip that (I believe, but don't quote me) you use to make roman shades! I just cinched it up until it was gathered to my liking, tea stained it to go with the shabby chic feel of the rest of the chair, and hot glued it on to cover the staples. I'm smitten, I must say.

Let's just hope I can talk someone in a local shop into picking up my stuff to sell! I'm also quite interested in hearing your comments with regards to pricing. What do you think? I'm terrible at putting a monetary value on things I make.

Thanks for the support after my post yesterday!! It's so exciting to read your comments and get followers! Keep 'em commin'!

I'm linking to Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Feature Friday. I KNOW this chair is right up her alley. ;)

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'Till next time,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Comfy Cast-off OR A Turqouise Transformation

I really like alliteration. Better get used to it.

Though I am an extreme newbie to blogging (having only begun within the last hour) I have spent many-an-hour on many-a-day pouring over the blogs of wonderful, creative, and entertaining women. Women who, I must say, I feel like I know. I've been incredibly inspired by likes of Miss Mustard Seed, Holly of Life in the Fun Lane and White Berry, and Lisa at Recaptured Charm, each of whom have been able to forge a business out of beautifying old furniture and who have inspired me to do the same.

Today I'm linking this post to one of the first blogs I started regularly reading, Infarrantly Creative. Beckie is having one of her regular "Roadkill Rescue" parties, and I was so excited to get this project done just in the nick of time to participate! I'm also participating on Do It Yourself Day at A Soft Place to Land (because, let's face it, everyone else is too.)

I got this sad little mauve velour covered chair from the free section of our local craigslist.

I saw lots of potential in it's turned spindles and wingback shape and, let me tell you, this puppy is COMFY!! It seems like everywhere I look these days, turquoise shows it's happy little face. It's so fresh and fun and cheery. I've been dying to paint something turquoise for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Here's she is after:

I used unbleached muslin to do the upholstery. I really like the nubbly oatmeal feel of it. It's really natural, kind of like burlap, but MUCH nicer to rest your buns on! Can I get an Amen?
I did a smoke glaze over the turquoise paint. The only thing it still needs is a little back pillow in a fun turqouise and brown print, then it'll be poifect!!!!

Thanks Beckie for being an inspiration! Thanks to all you other Roadkill Rescuers for dropping by! Lot's more to come... (I've got a garage full of projects, all I need is more time...or a clone... whichever...)

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Thanks for reading!

My First Post!! - Introduction

Hi! I'm Ann Marie. My best friend Cara and I (both stay at moms with 8 between us) have decided to team up to make cast-off, out-of-date or otherwise down-trodden furniture fresh, stylish, and lovely once more.

I'm a bargain-shopping junkie, dumpster-diving, upcycling, glue-gun-wielding, husband-perplexing, craft-a-holic. Hope you can relate. ;)

My background is in interior design, and I have an insatiable hunger to create. My mind is always swirling with ideas, and this is a great way to branch out creatively. I'm also thrifty to the brink of cheapness, but am not willing to sacrifice the aesthetic to that end (nor do I think you have to sacrifice one bit of style when creating on the cheap!) I'm planning on using this blog as a sort of online portfolio of our transformations. I'll probably share a project or two from my own home as well. Cara will probably pop in now again, but she's got a couple more kids than I do, so she's a busy bee. :)

Hopefully you find these pages a little bit entertaining, but most of all, I hope you are inspired to look at pieces in your own homes or that you might have passed by at a yard sale or thrift store with new eyes!

Pull up a (fabulous) chair and stay a bit!