Thursday, February 25, 2010

My First Post!! - Introduction

Hi! I'm Ann Marie. My best friend Cara and I (both stay at moms with 8 between us) have decided to team up to make cast-off, out-of-date or otherwise down-trodden furniture fresh, stylish, and lovely once more.

I'm a bargain-shopping junkie, dumpster-diving, upcycling, glue-gun-wielding, husband-perplexing, craft-a-holic. Hope you can relate. ;)

My background is in interior design, and I have an insatiable hunger to create. My mind is always swirling with ideas, and this is a great way to branch out creatively. I'm also thrifty to the brink of cheapness, but am not willing to sacrifice the aesthetic to that end (nor do I think you have to sacrifice one bit of style when creating on the cheap!) I'm planning on using this blog as a sort of online portfolio of our transformations. I'll probably share a project or two from my own home as well. Cara will probably pop in now again, but she's got a couple more kids than I do, so she's a busy bee. :)

Hopefully you find these pages a little bit entertaining, but most of all, I hope you are inspired to look at pieces in your own homes or that you might have passed by at a yard sale or thrift store with new eyes!

Pull up a (fabulous) chair and stay a bit!

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