Thursday, July 18, 2013

Re-do of the China Cabinet turned Entertainment Re-do

Follow that title?

Here’s the story. In my pre-blogging pre-semi-professional-furniture-upcycling days, I bought an old China Cabinet for $40 on CL to revamp to work as our entertainment center.


I removed the sliding glass doors (not pictured), the center bar thingy and one of the shelves and moved the remaining shelf closer to the top to hold the components. Everything in my house was tuscan and all the furniture was black, so I painted it black and was thrilled to bits with my thriftiness and ingenuity.


(Yup.  Still had those awesome speakers.)

When we moved into the new house I began the task of lightening everything the heck up.  And the big black hole of an entertainment center was one of the first things to change up (again.)

I gave it a coat of creamy white and changed out the fabric covered panels on the insides and gave it a completely new, light and airy look for the new living room.


(Why, oh why does my husband love his electronics so?)

The $50 stencil shopping spree giveaway from Royal Design Studio continues through next Tuesday, so get on over an enter if you haven’t had a chance!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my mudroom build!


  1. i love your redux 2.. very nice detail on the inside.

  2. Just found you today. Great blog! I couldn't help but notice the black speakers and your comment about electronics. My husband and I have the exact same conversation. :) Something I just did made some of the eye pollution disappear - tan speaker fabric! Yes! I didn't even know it was an option! I guess there's some acoustical stuff about the fabric that prevents you from using just any fabric, but you can buy the speaker fabric online for about $25 a yard, and it comes in different (read: lighter) colors! Super easy to do - just pop the front of the speakers right off, tear out the old stuff and use the strongest double-sided fabric tape to hold the new stuff on. It's literally a 45-minute project, and my eyes couldn't be happier!

    1. What a great option! I'm definitely looking into it! :)

  3. Ahh the never ending battle between electronics and lovely rooms, it is a familiar conversation in our house too. My partner actually wants to upgrade our already pretty large TV for an even bigger one *weep*. He doesn't seem to understand/care how damned ugly those things are! Love your idea though, may have to try it for myself ;)

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