Friday, July 19, 2013

Mudroom Built-Ins

I am SO excited to finally share this project with you!  Along with building in cabinets and counters in my laundry (coming soon!), this was the heftiest DIY project I have ever taken on. (OK, my husband helped a little too, but only because you can’t mount cabinets single handedly.) I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!

When we moved in, there was about a six foot empty niche just beyond the laundry room.  Here’s the layout to give you an idea of what I was working with.


So, I began to dream, and plan, and sketch, and price, and here’s what I envisioned.  (Like everything else in my house, someone spilled something on it.)


We used some premade (assembly required) Utility Cabinets by ClosetMaid that we purchased from Home Depot on this project.  They were a LOT cheaper than even stock or unfinished cabinetry, and this configuration happened to fit almost perfectly in this space.  They seem very good quality and the TuffShell  powder coating seems like it will be indestructible, which is a big plus in this family! (I got nothin’ from HD or ClosetMaid for this reviow, just my honest opinion.)

First I framed out the bench to span the whole niche, screwing the 2 x 4’s into the studs to make sure everything was super sturdy.  I changed up the spacing of the legs a little to create 4 spaces underneath the bench seat for the shoe bins for each of the kids. Both the legs and a couple of vertical 2x4’s added some additional strength to the bench.  This was probably overkill, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  ;)


I pre-stained some 1x8 planks to run the length of the niche and screwed them down to the framing.  Then we started installing the cabinets I had assembled.


Once the cabinets were up, I started all the finishing work.  I was kind of ADD about this part of the project, because I was getting so excited about how it was turning out.  I ordered these cheapo canvas bins from Walmart and had to put them in place as soon as they came. I started painting and installing trim, but then decided I should do something fun to the back wall before I finished the trim work.  I freestyled a herringbone pattern with some painter’s tape.


And got ready for some paint!


Once the herringbone wall got some slate blue paint and the tape came off, I finished the trim work, filled and touched up holes, installed the board with the jacket hooks, and the final touch was painting some grain sack inspired red stripes on the top bins to tie them in and give them some interest as well.  And here it is all finished up!


This is the view from the living room, down the hall past the kitchen. (It makes me happy.)


Here’s the view from the master, along with a sneak peek of my FUN laundry room!


I feel such a sense of accomplishment with this project, and I’m sure we saved so much dough over what it might have cost to hire the job out to a carpenter.  All said and done, I’m sure it came in under $400.

It’s awesome to have all that storage and will be so great to have a place for the backpacks, jackets and all the school stuff once we’re back to school (just around the corner!)

Awesome Mudroom Built-In from Twice Lovely

I hope you like it as much as I do!  :)

Making real headway finishing up the laundry room, so hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon as well!

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  1. Well, that's so darned cute I can hardly stand it! Congrats on such an great project that you did without professional help.

  2. Saw you over at thrifty decor chick--I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. Love it! Where did you find the cute grain sack baskets?

    1. They're just plain, canvas totes from Walmart that I painted the stripes on. :)

  4. Here from thrifty decor chick... you are an inspiring wonder woman!!!

  5. Also came over here from TDC. Love this cute room!!

  6. Fabulous addition to the space. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  7. love that you went for an accent wall too! love love how it turned out

  8. Oh, it's so awesome! What a great way to keep everyone organized. Love the "legs" on your bench too. Can't wait to see the laundry room because the peek at that color is fantastic. I'm visiting from the It's Overflowing link party.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  9. That is such a great space - outstanding job! Your herringbone wall makes such a fun focal point and I am jealous of all of your storage space... love it.

  10. What a great mudroom! I'd like to invite you to share it at my Twirl & Take a Bow Party at Have a great week.

  11. I loved that you free-handed the chevron pattern, which makes a well-known design seem fresh and fun! =D Thank you for sharing.

  12. What a lovely mudroom! (how funny does that sound?) Your free-hand herringbone pattern really makes the design.

  13. Fantastic job!!! Great inspiration for my mud room to be :)

  14. This is beautiful! Such a great job. I'm both amazed and obsessed with the freestyle herringbone!

  15. This is absolutely fantastic! I love the herringbone. :)

  16. The free-handed herringbone turned out SO great! Love your new space and all of that awesome storage, nice job.

    1. Thanks, other Ann Marie. ;) I love it too! It's so nice having a place for backpacks now that school is started. Now if I could just get them to hang them up, I'd be golden!

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