Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage Valve Knob Dresser

Hi friends!  It’s been a while.  Remember me?

Life kind of turned upside down not longer after my last post back in October.  To make a very long story short, we decided to list our house, it sold in 3 weeks, the buyers needed to be in before Christmas leaving us to pack and move our entire household in just 3 weeks and find a temporary rental house while we shopped for a new home.  We have been squished in a tiny rental for the last 3 months, so needless to say, there has been no furniture work to speak of.  But we close on our new home in a week and a half!  Hooray!  Can’t wait to get back to furniture flipping and I’m CERTAIN I’ll have a ton of house projects lined up that I may share as well.  Thanks for sticking around.  :)

As you might guess, I’ve completely redecorated the whole new house in my mind already.  Amongst the plans is a new, mature, vintage/industrial bedroom for my big boys that will see them through as they grow. (You can check out my inspiration board to see the direction I’m heading with it.)

So the other day, I decided to get a little jump on the project with a quick change-up for this pine dresser that I’ve had in their room since my first son was born, almost 11 years ago.

Dresser Before

I took off the painted wooden knobs, and my kids helped me beat the poor thing within an inch of his life with various implements to distress it.  Then I went over it with a couple of coats of Dark Walnut Danish Oil, which subtlety deepened the color overall, but mostly just seeped into the distressing and brought out all the dings and gouges, which worked great for the look I was going for.

I added some of these great vintage valve knobs that I sell in my Etsy shop, The Hob Knobery. (Stop on by! I’d love to make you a custom set!)

And that’s 1 project to cross off my make-your-head-spin-its-so-long new house to do list. :)

Vintage Valve Dresser

Vintage Valve Knobs from The Hob Knobery on Etsy

Vintage Valve Dresser Twice Lovely

This dresser has another little 4-drawer matching friend that will get the same treatment.  And I’m considering adding some industrial looking casters to the bottoms. Can’t wait to see if everything comes together in real life as awesome as it looks in my head! ;)


  1. Yay, you're back! Hope you are well and congrats on selling and the new house. We moved too! Come visit sometime and see if you'd like. The dresser is great, excited for what else is in store.


  2. Nice to "see" you and your projects again! Love the dresser. Having just moved ourselves, I can feel for you! I'm excited to see your new home and all the projects that will go with it ;-)

  3. how is it I haven't found your blog until now? very cool!
    Bec x

  4. Wonderful! And I love the idea of the castors, too. Please show us when you do it!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE how you used plumbing handles as the pulls on the drawers! What a cute and unique idea!


  6. After you put the primer on the dresser it looked soft pink very pretty but let's talk about that blue.Did someone dare you? Did you repaint it? Hope so.


  7. After you put the primer on the dresser it looked soft pink very pretty but let's talk about that blue.Did someone dare you? Did you repaint it? Hope so.


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