Monday, November 7, 2011

Great Idea

Hello Tres Lovelies and fellow kindred spirits. Hopefully you've already been cruising Kristen's blog, but if not, I'd like to drop a little hint that it's pretty sweet: chalk-full of hip, fresh design and furniture revamps. The other day I saw an idea she came up with, an idea that was simple, yet very cool, and i felt propelled to do a quick link of it here. I know, we usually don't do referrals 'round this neighborhood, but now you know this won't waste your time. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog :)


  2. thank you! glad you enjoy my blog :)

  3. thanks for sharing!!! def gonna have to check it out!

  4. Those are adorable. What a great idea! I just wonder all your creativity and inspirations! The headboard with the stockings looks wonderful, I can't wait to see more about that!


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