Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Workshop State of Affairs

My client picked up the Red Hutch on Wednesday, and she and her husband loved it!  And I loved finishing the first piece in months!  It’s such a rush for me.  I only wish there were more hours in the day and more of me to go around.  (Or maybe I could use a clone, or a wet nurse.)  ;)

My kids are my greatest creations and my life’s work, and the newborn season of life has it’s specific and intensive demands on time and attention (and sleep!), and that’s okay!!  It’s just a season, and it will pass, and I’ll be able to accomplish more of the things on the to-do list, and guess what?  I’ll miss these days. 
So I have some really cool furniture pieces in the workshop that I daydream and plan for as I sit and nurse.
This coffee table is actually almost done, and will be the 5th one in our living room in the past year or so.  I’m doing an antique glazed ivory finish to match this dresser that found a home in our living room.  It may be slow going, but I’ll get there someday.  :)
I rescued this little two drawer chest on the side of the road the other day.  I think I may use this opportunity to try to do an antique mirrored piece like this Anthropology Dresser using Krylon’s Looking Glass Spray Paint.
This awesome leather-topped table was also a freebie.  The pedestal bottom on it is broken beyond repair, sadly.  But I have plans to add some salvaged wooden castered legs that I picked up to turn it into a shabby, french coffee table.  Those openings on the sides are PERFECT for books, so I’m calling it the library table.
This antique full size bed was a craigslist score.  It needs so much repair work before I can paint it, but isn’t it rad!?!?  It has the wooden side rails too!
I picked up two matching french side tables the other day at my very favorite local thrift store.  They could go fantastically with either “the library table” or the bed, don’t you think?
Then there’s this secretary desk.  I had tried to sell it as is, but no one seemed to be interested, so I’m going to paint her (which I’m pretty stoked about!)  My current plan with this one (though it is apt to change from one day to the next) is to sand and stain the drawers dark walnut, paint the body a distressed french gray, remove the (damaged) mullions and add a gorgeous wall paper to the back of the top hutch that will play off the stain on the drawers.
If any locals see a piece that they must have, they could always be painted to order.  Just let me know.
Going to go snuggle my baby now.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness, those pieces are beautiful. Very Mustard Seedy. Heh heh. So excited to see you polish them up into the beautiful works of art they are. I'm starting to love wood, though...
    So proud you're investing you time into your little eternal soul. The hum drum of daily love is a true work of art indeed.

  2. "cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
    for babies grow up, much to our sorrow...
    so go away cobwebs, dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!"

    I did a sampler with this almost 30 years ago, and always tried to live by it!

  3. Oh I want that round table so badly! I've been on the hunt for a round coffee table with book storage. I so wish I lived in your area!

  4. wow, those are great finds! I am in love especially with the bed~ gorgeous!

    Enjoy your little cutie pie, he'll be grown before you know it!

  5. you DO have some amazing pieces to work on....i love that bed, absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Baby is so sweet. You have a lot going on for yourself. Don't forget to get yourself some rest in between all of these projects and baby cuddling :)

  7. Wow I love this collection how do you find time to do all of this??

  8. I love the secretary's desk! Have you started working on it yet? How much do you want for it???



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