Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick Turnaround Kidney Bean Side Table

The Junkrestore Vintage Market Sale this past weekend was a big success for everyone involved and was tons of fun!  There were a couple of big items that had a lot of blog buzz around them that I was really hopeful would sell, but sadly didn’t, namely the Damask Dresser and the Chevron Dresser.  Both of these great pieces are still available, so contact me if you are interested in them.

I got to meet a lot of great people, and even had some shop talk with other great furniture refinishers.  Jake, of Dusty Gem Décor, had some stunning pieces for sale there and we talked a lot about where to get furniture and the business end of making this kind of venture work.  (He also has 3 very cute kids!)

This morning, I thought I’d share a little project that had a very quick turnaround!  I picked up this little kidney bean shaped antique side table at a yard sale I happened upon on Friday morning.


It was in sad cosmetic shape, but had SO much potential!  I was beyond excited that it had all the original, ornate pulls!  Of course, I didn’t let the guy at the yard sale know how excited I was, and talked up how much work it needed to get a deal.  ;)

So, I got it home Friday, midday, and got to sanding all that chipped and peeling veneer.  And let me tell you, that was a lot of sanding.  With such an old and abused piece as this, there’s just no getting it to a pristine and new looking condition.  But really, the people who love these pieces don’t want something new and pristine.  They want a piece with a story, and a history, that looks like it’s been around the block a few times, which it certainly has.

So, once I painted it a satin ivory, I played up the age and made all that chipped veneer sing with some Tea Stained glaze from Ralph Lauren.

I cleaned up the original pulls with white vinegar and table salt, my go-to metal cleaner/polisher.

I think it turned out beautifully!






I brought it to the Market with me on Saturday morning, and I’m happy to report that it was snatched up very quickly!  :)

Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday!  Unfortunately, I had a weekend of play, so now there’s laundry to pay.  ;)

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  1. Beautiful. I can't believe the change.

  2. What a lovely transformation. I love that it still had those original pulls.

  3. absolutely gorgeous! I love it...the color is perfect and those pulls are beautiful.

  4. Love it! Such character and beauty :)

  5. Ann Marie, I so Love the shape of this stand, it is so gorgeous.
    I have a tip for you if you ever want to remove veneer easily.
    Items you will need:
    1) Iron
    2) 5 in one scraper tool
    Put Iron on cotton setting and place on veneer you want to remove and hold there for about 40 to 50 seconds this will soften glue, remove Iron and immediately use scraper to remove veneer, it should scrape right off if it doesn't go back to the iron repeat steps until item is totally free of veneer. A light sanding will remove last of glue residue. hope this help I use this method all the time.

  6. Wow, they didn't sell? If I were anywhere near you (and had any money for furniture) I would buy both of them. By far my favorites right now. :)

  7. Love the table!!!! New to your site and love all your redos, you do beautiful work. I have a piece with peeling veneer that i have been meaning to tackle, but didnt know what to do about the cracked and peeling veneer. Thanks for inspiration. Sheryl

  8. ooohhh... LOVE the shape of this piece! It's beautiful!
    Erin from

  9. What a sweet and unique table! I love what you did with it!Congrats on he quick sale!

  10. Love following you girls and all that you do...with furniture and in life! Because of this, we nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks for sharing so much!

  11. What a beautiful job you did! I thought the market was three days. You are really building in some stress for yourself. I hope you had a lot of buyers. I heard that there were thirty vendors. Now that's a good sale. You should use the before/after of this piece on all your business cards and ads. You two are miracle workers. Ann

  12. gorgeous! Ann marie, well done. Can i possibly ask what you sold it for?
    cheers Fiona

  13. oh what a great job!! perfectly done

  14. O.M.G..I love this table. IT is stunning!! I hope this isn't rude, but can I please ask what paint color, brand, and technique you used on this? I have a gorgeous buffet table I am getting and this is EXACTLY what I am wanting to do to it!!!

  15. That is a shape you don't see very often. I am sure the lady who purchased it is soooooo happy

    you could use it any where in a house

  16. thanks for sharing it at my party!

  17. You revived a wonderful piece to be enjoyed for many many more years. This is beautiful!

  18. Oooh! Beautiful job. Love that hardware.

  19. The magnificent restoration work done on this table, the truth is that I want one so for the decoration of my room.

  20. Sooooooo cute! What a great job!

  21. This piece is so sweet! Love kidney shaped furniture! Great job--I love Ralph Lauren tea stains--use them all the time!

  22. Awesome! I can't believe it. I just found your blog through one of my followers. I did a similar makeover. Check out my blog

  23. Ann Marie,
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! I love this side table.
    Chris...thank you for the tip on how to remove veneer, I'm sure that will come in handy as well.


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