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Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Glazed Hutch

I was contacted a couple of months ago by a local woman wanting a custom refinish for a hutch that she had purchased.  I timidly agreed, letting her know that I had just had a baby and wasn’t sure exactly how painting furniture was going to fit into my new mom-of-an-infant life.  But as long as she could be patient with me and wasn’t in a huge hurry to get it back, I’d love to take it on.  She has been extremely gracious and understanding and patient too, and I’m happy to say that it’s done!  Woo hoo!!

She brought in this beautiful Ethan Allen hutch.  It was in great condition, but not the look she wanted for her home.


She had already taken off the cabinet doors from the hutch top, since she wanted the less formal look of open shelving.

She was inspired by this beautiful china cabinet from The Crafting Chicks, and wanted to do the same deep red with black glaze finish.  And I was more than excited to oblige!

The Crafting Chicks had used Colonial Red Spray Paint from Rustoleum on their China Cabinet, so I had the folks at the paint counter of Home Depot color match that with some Semi-Gloss Behr paint and primer in one.  (Tip: When doing a glaze, go for a higher sheen that you want your end product to have, since the glaze will dull the finish.  I’ve also found that glazes are easier to apply and manipulate with a higher gloss or semi-gloss sheen.)

After a light sanding to rough up the surface and prepare it to accept the paint, I applied the paint with my HVLP Spray Gun and Air Compressor. Then I used my Behr Faux Glaze (which is colorless) and added some black craft paint for the glazing.  I focused on bringing out the details with the glaze, as well as adding a little depth to the flat surfaces.  I finished it off with some Satin Water-based Verathane Poly for added protection, and spray painted all the original hardware with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze for a quick update and to complement the black glazing.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!





I hope that’s it’s everything she envisioned AND worth her very patient wait.  :)

I’m feeling very good about slowly returning to the furniture painting saddle.  My husband and mother-in-law have been so helpful with the baby while I worked on this.  It was definitely a team effort. (Go team, go!)

Thanks so much for hanging in with me during the dry and unavailable times!  I love my readers!

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  1. Wow! Pow! lol Such a lovely professional finish! Is she going to add a shelf in the large open space?? I think it needs another shelf? What do you think?

  2. It is gorgeous!! Love that color!

  3. I wouldn't expect to like red on such a big piece, but this turned out beautiful!

  4. It looks amazing. Glad you are getting back to it! Now, I need to learn to use my spray gun!

  5. I looks great! I am sure your client will be thrilled.

  6. I love seeing these transformations -- it makes me see "ugly" furniture in a whole new light. BTW, I used that Colonial Red on a wooden stool I found in an alley and it turned out great.

  7. ann marie- that is gorgeous! the finish is rustic and beautiful!

  8. I Heart that color...colonial red with glaze always is a great choice!

  9. Everything I paint with Colonial Red sells! It's always a good choice...and it's especially pretty with black glaze. I painted three pieces in those colors for my recent barn sale, and all sold right away.

  10. It is beautiful. And so unexpected. The black glaze makes it perfect.

  11. This is so beautiful, what a stunning job you did!

  12. Ah-may-ZING! What a transformation! Love the way you're balancing things at home and at work too. Don't you just adore helpful family members?

  13. What a statement piece! The glaze gives it a great depth. Nice work, Superwoman! :)

  14. I love that color and I think it turned out fabulous!
    My mom had a hutch similar to the one in your photo. My dad has been wanting to get rid of it since it is just sitting in his house gathering dust and I have been trying to convince him to either bring it over to me so that I can do "something" to it or he should paint it.

  15. What a great statement piece!


  16. This is absolutely stunning! I'm sure your client will love it!!

  17. This is gorgeous, Ann Marie! You did a beautiful job.

  18. Wow! What a beautiful piece! I love the colour you chose and the glazing gives the colour depth and impact! You do amazing work and are very inspirational!

    Thanks - ane enjoy your new little one :)!

  19. I came acrossed this quite by accident. I have a hutch like this, that I picked up for $40, the person has painted it orange. I have not decided what color to paint it yet, but I love the red. I am thinking I will be going with black, in order to match my other dining room furniture. However you have inspired me to maybe think outside the box, thank you so very much, Dawn


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