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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palette of Metallics

I heart Diane.  I first met Diane a few weeks ago when she emailed me to inquire about the Metallic Secretary.  She came.  She saw it.  She LOVED it.  It went home with her.  She told me that she had a few other pieces at home that she wanted me to put my stamp on; a cabinet, a set of nesting tables, and a side table.


She requested that they be done in a palette of metallics, using this lamp, this pencil cup, and these handles that she purchased (on clearance, she had me know) from Susan Goldstick as inspiration.


I was positively giddy about this project!  After the secretary, which was my first attempt at a patinaed metallic finish, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to do more.  In fact, when I went to pick up the pieces from Diane, I had already began work on the Antiqued Champagne Gold Nightstands, so this was obviously something that was going to work well with my current aesthetic.  :)

I was also very excited when Diane mentioned using some different metallics because, as fate would have it, Deco Art had just sent me a couple of different shades from their Elegant Finishes Metallic Paints to try out.  For this project, I used Champagne Gold and Silver Sage (which I ended up darkening a little bit with some Burnt Umber craft paint.) 


I have to say, I absolutely LOVED working with the Deco Art Elegant Finishes.  They are really, a true metallic paint.  It ended up looking very much like leaf.  Many metallic paints look like colored paint with flecks of metallic in them.  These are REALLY metallic looking when they are dry.  A few tips if you decide to give the Elegant Finishes a try for yourself:  1) Paint a base coat or tinted primer that is of a similar color to the metallic top coat.  (It doesn’t have spectacular coverage, and you will save yourself lots of time and paint if you do a similar toned base coat before you use the metallic paint.  I did not do this with the gold, so I went back and painted a gray primer where I wanted to paint the silver.  Live and learn.)  2)  You WILL get brush strokes, so work with it!  (Try to make your strokes very straight and deliberate.  Use a fine brush, like the Purdy brand one that I use, and a light hand.)  I found that using the glazes to add patina to the finishes worked great with these paints.

Here’s how the set turned out!


The cabinet is really the centerpiece of the whole set.  The design was inspired by Susan Goldstick’s work, with the contrasting inset panels.  I adore the knobs!















Diane liked a lot of things about the nesting tables, but wasn’t feeling the design on the tops before.


We decided to keep the legs the same but tie the tops into the rest of the design scheme.



The side table had such great lines and details, that we decided to keep it simple with just the patinaed silver finish.



A few more to leave you with…




I think this set is a great balance of harmonious coordination without being too matchy-matchy.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out, and (I think) neither could Diane.  :)  She also picked up the Antiqued Champagne Gold Nightstands!  Glad she’s embraced the metallic trend like I have!

‘Till next time!!


I’m sharing this project with the lovely gals over at The DIY Club!

DIY Club

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a sweet little baby

It's been soooo long since I've put a brush to any wood, but this weekend, I couldn't help myself when I drove by a garage sale around the corner. It was brimming in furniture! I'll just stop by. Briefly. After asking a couple of prices, I began to realize the situation. It was Sunday, 3 pm, and... it was really, really hot! I highly recommend this situation!  :))))  Weeeeee!

The first thing I started on was this small and timid little TV stand.

I just wanted to give her a little personality, so I put her in Robin's egg blue, and did some heavy distressing. The little boutique we're in was looking for a little shelf to display linens in their baby section. I thought this would be perfect for the job. I couldn't resist putting in a little interest, with just a couple flourishes on the edges to show under the linens that would be piled on it's shelves.

It would be so easy. Just a flourish. Yeah right! It took me waaaay more time getting it right than I wanted. Than this little thing was worth. (Sorry little thing. Luckily you don't read and decorate). But I think I got it right... eventually. Actually I love it now, so we just have to wait and see if some cool momma will think so too.

So here is the first bit of furniture tackled. I added some new little white knobs, which I know should have been crystal, but sometimes it's just not entirely worth it. And I added some beadboard (textured wallpaper-- shhhhh) on the back of it.

So, as a result of a hot, late, Sunday afternoon, I have a couple more projects lined up, including a lovely drop leaf table to be painted a blank, warm white. See you round soon!

xx  Cara

Oooh, wait!  Forgot to tell you that this little momma is expecting a boy! Guess I've got something on my mind :)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Antique Champagne Gold Nightstands

So, if we don’t change our name to “Clocks R Us”, we will certainly need to change it to “House of Metallics.”  Not only does today’s project feature those shiny glimmering tones, but I picked up 5 pieces for a client the other day (Hi, Dianne!!) who would like them done in a palette of (you guessed it) metallics!!  I, for one, can’t get enough.  Hopefully you agree with me and will keep on reading.  :)

If you remember, I picked up this great, heavy pair of nightstands a small while ago for $10 a piece.  I was drawn to their fantastic pulls and bun feet.


I stripped the tops down with a heavy grit sandpaper and my handy dandy palm sander, primed the base with Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer from Zinsser, spray painted the base with Brushed Metallic Carmel Latte from Krylon (a lovely champagne gold color), gave it an antiquing glaze of burnt umber, stained the tops using Dark Walnut Minwax Gel Stain, and sealed the tops with Satin Finish Verathane.  I think they look like a million bucks!







Watch out!!  I’m like Midas.  Everything I touch turns to gold.  ;)

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DIY Club’s Top Ten!!

Hey folks!  I have to apologize again for my lack of project posting of late.  I’m still waiting on receiving my new paint sprayer, which is holding up some of my large projects.  We have some other projects in the works, and picked up a bunch more stuff at yard sales this weekend (fall is great yard sale season in AZ!) so there lots coming just around the bend.  :)

In some very exciting TL news, my Pediment Headboard Bench was picked in the Top 10 projects for the September party over at the DIY Club!!  So exciting!!  Please, please, pretty please head on over there and give those DIY Gals some encouragement to choose our project for the big winner!  :)  They’ve decided that the winner will not be chosen by popular vote this month, but certainly your kind words on the matter will have some sway with the judges.  ;)


We just rounded the corner to 600 Google Followers!!  Thanks SO much to everyone for being interested in what we’re doing here.  It blows me away.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hickory Dickory Dock…

… I’ve been inspired to make clocks. 
They’re cute and they’re funky,
to useful from junky. 
Hickory dickory dock.

(Okay, so I’m officially a big nerd.)

So, here’s the story.  Once upon a time, there was a sad cabinet door in the free pile at the Habitat Restore.


His brothers were repurposed into new cabinet doors for a fantastic armoire, but his second life was to take on a little more unexpected a form.


With just some on-hand paint, the workings from a $1.50 thrift store clock, and a DiscHanger that I got in my Tour de Thrift goody bag, Mr. Nobody-would-even-pay-a-buck-for-me-at-the-Restore took on a fun new persona as quite fantastic clock!  :)




I’m so inspired!  I want to go out and make everything into a clock!  Be on the look out.  We may just have to change our name to Clocks-R-Us.  ;)


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Progress Report

I’d like to apologize for not having any projects to show you.  It was a busy week last week, but not with Twice Lovely goodness.

Some of you may remember me competing in a local “Idol” singing competition.  I made it to the finals, which were last Thursday night.  It was a really great show all around and I had a blast being on stage in a historic opera house that has recently been completely historically restored.  It was beautiful!!  And PACKED!!  I was really nervous, but had a great time.  I didn’t win, but the winner, who was a 13 year old girl, was TREMENDOUS.  She totally deserved it, so I didn’t feel one bit bad.  Here’s me singing “Fairytale” by Sara Bareilles:

In other me-centered news, I’m feeling completely overwhelmed because I’m very-nearly-literally buried in fall/winter toddler girl clothes and shoes that I really need to Ebay this week.  I thought I’d throw it out there to my good bloggy pals out there.  Do any of you want/need some completely adorable and in good shape mostly 18-24 month (some 2T) fall/winter clothes and mostly Size 6 (a couple larger Size 5 and smaller Size 7s) shoes?  DD wore this stuff last fall/winter and she turned 2 in March, if that helps for sizing.  I have a huge garbage bag full of all Gymboree, and another with mostly Gap and some other name brand stuff.  I think there’s 14 pairs of shoes and 6 pairs of pajamas, a few coats, basically everything you could need and more.  I’m willing to cut some killer deals if you want some or (better yet) all of it.  :)  Please save me from having to Ebay this stuff so I can get back to the furniture projects!  ;)


I had some success yard-saleing this past weekend.  I picked up these great nightstands for $10 each.  Check out the fantastic pulls!!  As of this morning, I have the tops stripped and ready for a dark walnut stain.  The bottom will be primed and painted a champagne metallic with a green “Old World Patina” glaze.  I’m excited!!


I also practically stole this great coffee table for $5!!  I’m thinking those details are screaming out for a distressed white.


In case you didn’t notice or are reading in a blog reader, we added some tabs at the top of the blog, including one very special and important addition that I wanted to draw your attention to.  As we rapidly draw close to 600 Google followers, Cara and I have decided to open Twice Lovely up to those who would like to advertise here.  You may have already noticed that we’ve also added an Adsense block to our sidebar (which, by the way, you can go ahead and click just as many times as you feel inclined.)  :)  We have a fantastic and involved readership, and would love to share them with you and your business.  Please contact us at twicelovelyfurniture@gmail.com to discuss advertising possibilities.

Also, a big thank you to those of you who have “liked” us over on Facebook!!  If you follow over there, the nightstands and coffee table scores are old news to you.  :)  If you’d like to be privy to furniture sneak peaks and treatment previews before they hit the blog, why don’t you “like” us, too?  Check out the Twice Lovely Facebook Page!

I’ll be back to the projects next time, promise!  :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TL on FB

You read correctly!  Now you can get sneak peeks of our furniture finds and lots of other useful (and maybe not-so-useful) tid bits by “liking” our Twice Lovely Facebook page!  I’m jumpin’ on the bandwagon, because I need another thing to maintain.  ;)  You guys make it all worth while, though.  LOVE!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

French Country Hutch

We’ve had a bit of success of late at a little boutique in town that sells some pieces for us, the latest of which was this wonderful hutch that Cara did a while back.  But in a 500 square foot space, the loss of the hutch for display purposes in the store wasn’t going to cut it, so Cara and I started putting our heads together to come up with a good replacement on the quick.

I had this hutch top sitting in the workshop for quite a while. 


I picked it up back at the Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift back in June, and was planning on making another Puppet Theater with it, but that was never high on my priority list.  Fate had a different plan!

My parents, as I mentioned before, are in the process of downsizing from our childhood home now that they are empty-nesters.  They offered me the dresser from my old room to “do my thing with” and (you know me) I’ll (almost) never pass up free.  :)


As fate unfolded it’s serendipitous plan, the hutch I had laying around for far, far too long was a PERFECT fit on top of my old dresser!  This was just meant to be.

Since we needed this to be a quick project, and since I haven’t yet purchased a functioning paint sprayer (grrrrr….), we chose to go with a spray paint this time.  We used “Celery” from Krylon, and it’s a gorgeous color, perfect for the French Country look we were going for.  The back was painted a slightly more turquoise color of the same value, for a really subtle difference.  Cara did some hand-painted details on the back of the hutch that mimicked the motifs in the pulls.  Then we added an burnt umber antiquing glaze over the whole piece.  LOVE!!!








Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend!!


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