Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palette of Metallics

I heart Diane.  I first met Diane a few weeks ago when she emailed me to inquire about the Metallic Secretary.  She came.  She saw it.  She LOVED it.  It went home with her.  She told me that she had a few other pieces at home that she wanted me to put my stamp on; a cabinet, a set of nesting tables, and a side table.


She requested that they be done in a palette of metallics, using this lamp, this pencil cup, and these handles that she purchased (on clearance, she had me know) from Susan Goldstick as inspiration.


I was positively giddy about this project!  After the secretary, which was my first attempt at a patinaed metallic finish, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to do more.  In fact, when I went to pick up the pieces from Diane, I had already began work on the Antiqued Champagne Gold Nightstands, so this was obviously something that was going to work well with my current aesthetic.  :)

I was also very excited when Diane mentioned using some different metallics because, as fate would have it, Deco Art had just sent me a couple of different shades from their Elegant Finishes Metallic Paints to try out.  For this project, I used Champagne Gold and Silver Sage (which I ended up darkening a little bit with some Burnt Umber craft paint.) 


I have to say, I absolutely LOVED working with the Deco Art Elegant Finishes.  They are really, a true metallic paint.  It ended up looking very much like leaf.  Many metallic paints look like colored paint with flecks of metallic in them.  These are REALLY metallic looking when they are dry.  A few tips if you decide to give the Elegant Finishes a try for yourself:  1) Paint a base coat or tinted primer that is of a similar color to the metallic top coat.  (It doesn’t have spectacular coverage, and you will save yourself lots of time and paint if you do a similar toned base coat before you use the metallic paint.  I did not do this with the gold, so I went back and painted a gray primer where I wanted to paint the silver.  Live and learn.)  2)  You WILL get brush strokes, so work with it!  (Try to make your strokes very straight and deliberate.  Use a fine brush, like the Purdy brand one that I use, and a light hand.)  I found that using the glazes to add patina to the finishes worked great with these paints.

Here’s how the set turned out!


The cabinet is really the centerpiece of the whole set.  The design was inspired by Susan Goldstick’s work, with the contrasting inset panels.  I adore the knobs!















Diane liked a lot of things about the nesting tables, but wasn’t feeling the design on the tops before.


We decided to keep the legs the same but tie the tops into the rest of the design scheme.



The side table had such great lines and details, that we decided to keep it simple with just the patinaed silver finish.



A few more to leave you with…




I think this set is a great balance of harmonious coordination without being too matchy-matchy.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out, and (I think) neither could Diane.  :)  She also picked up the Antiqued Champagne Gold Nightstands!  Glad she’s embraced the metallic trend like I have!

‘Till next time!!


I’m sharing this project with the lovely gals over at The DIY Club!

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  1. I am breathless! How did you patina the silver? You are true artists!

  2. They turned out brilliantly! Good Job- really, they're amazing!


  3. Those are drop dead gorgeous! I love Susan Goldstick knobs. I went to one of her sales a couple years ago. Your metallics are just stunning! Is that all handpainted on the inserts? I agree with Christa - you are true artists!

  4. These pieces are so wonderful! I love the knobs, your artistry is amzing!

  5. I think I am inlove with metallics! Love your work!

  6. Super impressive!! Love metallics!

  7. WOW they are stunning, my favourite is the cabinet with the floral insert doors. Just gorgeous, well done, I bet your client is thrilled!

    xx Karen

  8. Oooh. Yupp I need too try that this weekend. Yes i do!

  9. Wow, they look fantastic. I love the inserts on the cabinet, beautiful!

  10. Totally gorgeous! You did an amazing job with them and I love how you mixed the different metallic hues to work together!

  11. I told you before, and now I'm telling you again: we should leave in the same continent! It's just not fair!

  12. Love, love, love the cabinet. It would be great to have a whole tutorial on your spare time ;).

  13. Great job with all the metallic paint! It's definitely something that can come out really good or really bad, yours is awesome! I love how you toned down the silver with the antiqued "patina" what was the name/brand of the glaze you used?

  14. Wow these are all beautiful! Love the vines on the cabinet! I have just began handpainting and I love what you have done. Impressive!

  15. Hello:
    Simply outstanding, gorgeous, just so beautiful, did you do the details scroll free hand, it looks very nice!!!! I have a new blog is called, please join me


  16. that is GORGEOUS! I love the knobs too, very nice. visiting from Miss Mustard Seed

  17. Wow!!! Did I say wow!! These turned out amazing!!

  18. I think the metallic finish looks great and very new. Great job. Jane F.

  19. Wow, these all turned out fantastic. You really made it look just like the inspiration, and the finishing details are amazing.

    Great job!

  20. Breathless. You have raised the bar on all these design blogs. Your treatments make the black, ivory, aqua makeovers look like amateurs. How about an E-book? Was it Anthropologie, or Restoration Hardware that recently had a bronzed colored dresser that they called copper? If you could duplicate that, you will be genuises. Ann

  21. Hi,
    I'm stopping over from Freckled Laundry. You've worked really well to the client's brief. Well done! The finish looksd great.

  22. The pieces are gorgeous! I especially love the gray mettalic.

  23. That looks great, I love the colors and the finishes:)

  24. This technique is gorgeous. Thanks for the inspo and sharing.

  25. Beautiful! You are the QUEEN of metallic finishes, my dear! I heart those Susan Goldstick knobs big time. I had to giggle because I loved the DecoArt metallic paints so much that I wrote at least a paragraph about them, too. Good stuff and Mallie is a sweetheart. Thank you so much for linking up your beautiful work to my party, Ann Marie!


  26. LUUURRRRRVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Absolutely stunning! I never would have thought to use that palette. Love the handpainted flowers. Nice job!


  28. Those came out fabulous.
    Once again--thanks for linking up.

    I hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND.


  29. Speechless! Just absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Ann Marie - Eash and every piece is simply amazing! You have done a fabulous job. Beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you have a wonderful week! Stephanie Lynn

  31. You are so talented, Ann Marie! These are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!


  32. These turned out really pretty. They make a lovely set now. You added such great details. I really love those nesting tables!

  33. WOW! That little silver side table is amazing! Love it! Great work!

  34. Really great work! I worked with a metallic finish paint on a ceiling last week - very laborious but once you add that glaze - stunning! I'm so glad I found your blog and will be a follower from now on!

  35. By far some of the most beautiful metallic finishes I've ever seen! I'm inspired. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  36. wow! don't you love commissioned work? It's fun to push the limits and do things that are kinda out of our individual boxes :)

  37. I love that brushed aluminum look of the 50's-ish side table. Gorgeous. The whole set is gorgeous.

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