Tuesday, December 3, 2013

accent wall with airstone & the finished dining room

Accent Wall with AirStone

I actually did it!  I got my dining room AirStone accent wall done before Thanksgiving!!  We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in my adult life and had 22 people over for a very enjoyable feast.  This was one HUGE project that has been on my plate (in bite-sized portions whenever I had the time and inclination to work on it) for like 5 months.  It was such a relief to finally have it completely finished!  And with it’s completion, I’m call the dining room DONE (or at least until I decide to change it up again.)  The AirStone accent wall made such a huge difference in warming up the space.  I’m completely in love!

AirStone Wall Dining Room Makeover


And, let me tell you, it was so easy to do.  This was a big project, so it was time consuming, but really simple.  All it takes is buttering on the premixed adhesive with a putty knife and sticking the lightweight faux stones to the wall!  The stones are easily cut to fit with an ordinary hack saw.  Those are the only tools you need for the job! I also appreciated that the adhesive came in premixed, resealable containers.  I could work on as little or as much as I wanted, then seal up the container for the next time.

AirStone also has the environmental benefit of being made from 80% recycled materials, so it’s very eco-friendly.

The product is available through Lowe’s.  Keep in mind that not all stores carry AirStone.  If they don’t, however, they may be able to special order it in for you.  My local Lowe’s didn’t carry it, but were able to special order it.

A couple of tips for you.  You will inevitably have some small spaces or gaps where the underneath wall will show through.  I realized this once I started the first few rows, so I went back and painted a grey coat of paint on the rest of the wall so grey would show through the gaps instead of white. 

Also, the edges of the stones sometimes had little nubbins (the technical term.)  I would knock these off with a butter knife before sticking them up on the wall so they would sit more flush together.

AirStone Edge Detail

When I got to the section that went over the window opening and there wasn’t a row of stones below to hold them in place, I added some painters tape to help hold them securely in place while the adhesive dried.

AirStone Above Window Opening

Now, onto the pretties of my totally-done-on-time-for-Thanksgiving dining room!

Finished Dining Room 2

Finished Dining Room 4

Sideboard and Plate Wall

The plate wall got lots of complements from everyone.  Still loving my happy, green sideboard, and it was even prettier covered with Thankgiving desserts, let me tell you!! 

Sideboard Plate Wall and AirStone Accent Wall

And did you spy the hollywood regency bamboo chairs in there?  They were painted the same color as my sideboard, so I decided we would use them for some needed extra seating for the holiday feast.  But they look so at home in there that I think I’ll keep them. :)

That lovely chandelier was a total steal for $79 at Home Depot.  I love it!

Dining Room Chandelier only $79 from Home Depot

Finished Dining Room

It turned out to be such a warm and inviting space, which is just what you want a dining room to be, whether your eating pizza with your kids, or Thanksgiving dinner with a crowd of family.

Someone said to me during the holiday festivities, “Your house is so bright and fun!”  And I couldn’t have asked for a better complement.  That’s exactly what I want it to be. :)

I received product from AirStone for this review, but received no other compensation.  I was not told what to say by AirStone and all opinions are completely my own.


  1. Love it!
    How do you think it would work as a kitchen backsplash?

  2. Looks awesome. Which collection did you use? It looks like the "Spring Creek" but maybe some pieces from the other ones?? Thanks

    1. It's all Spring Creek. The boxes come quite varied in size, texture, and color so you can get a very natural look.


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