Monday, July 15, 2013

Ivy Green Sideboard

Did I mention I’m in a green phase?  Can’t. Get. Enough!

This was one of the first projects I did once we were in the new house.  I found it on CL for $60 (I KNOW!!) while we were living in a teeny tiny rental house with most of our stuff packed to the gills in the garage.  Mom came to my rescue and let me keep it in her garage for a couple of months.  I’ve always wanted an antique sideboard and so glad to be living in a place that has a place for one!


It was in rough shape, but with some hard work and love, she turned out to be a beaut!


I added some of the dark walnut stain as a glaze to antique the finish and bring out the fabulous details.  The cute bright yellow knobs from Hob Lob were the perfect finishing touch, don’t you think? It houses all my kiddos’ craft and school supplies.  I love the extra storage!


Over the new sideboard I hung an inexpensive dressing mirror horizontally and gathered a collection of thrift store plates in my color scheme to do the amorphic plate wall. 

That fabric piled up there is the basis of the color palette for the great room design and I’ve used it here and there, including recovering my dining room chair seats.  I picked up 3 LARGE drapery panels of this fabric at my favorite thrift store for $5 a piece! It’s a huge amount of really nice heavy weight fabric and I love the bright and cheery color scheme!

living room palette

The walls are painted a combination of a creamy off-white and a warm gray (Behr Wheat Bread), and the room has accents of a deep true red, warm golden yellow, slate blue, ivy green, and touches of black here and there to ground the room. It’s a palette that could get very french country, so I’m trying to play with geometric patterns as well as some modern eclectic elements to keep it fun.

One of the big challenges in the living room are the two-story ceilings, but I really love the solution that I’ve come up with for bringing the giant walls down into the living space of the room. Part of the plan involved my first room stencil project ever, and BOY was it a doozy!! (I should say IS a doozy, since I’m not yet completely done.) The good people at Royal Design Studio helped me out with their fantastic Endless Circles stencil (aptly named for this project), and although it’s completely kicked my butt, I LOVE how it’s turning out! I’ll leave you with a little sneak peek, and be back tomorrow with a full reveal as well as a chance to win your very own $50 shopping spree at Royal Design Studio.



  1. love it in your home with the colors you have=- so fun!

  2. what a beautiful sideboard. and great price. Looks lovely Ann Marie.

  3. I love it! I am in love with lots of blues and greens lately.....Your room is gorgeous! Blessings!

  4. 60? Shut. UP! It's such a gorgeous piece, and it looked beautiful in your kitchen. I forgot to tell you I loved what you did with the plates, too. The wall looks great, and I think the moulding is a great idea, can't wait to see it all finished.

    1. I never see your posts until way later, I don't know why! Love you friend!!

  5. Can you tell me what brand and color you painted the sideboard?! I LOVE THAT GREEN! Did you distress with the stain after you painted? Thanks!


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