Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Springy Chair Revamp

There’s something about springtime (which is too quick becoming summertime in Arizona) that makes me crave bright colors, especially greens, blues and yellows.  Sometimes bold is scary in big doses, so small projects like chairs, side tables, or the like prove the perfect place for a pop of fun color.

I started with a very blah chair with a funky shape and some interesting details that I knew could benefit from a fun color scheme.


(As a side note, I’m thinking I should do a post entitled “The Art of the Crappy Before Picture”, including my tried and true tips on leaving bits of junk in the foreground, wading up your drop cloth under the back leg, leaving backyard toys strewn about in the background, making sure the seat is thrown on as wonky as possible, etc.  You know what I always say: “The crappier the before picture, the more amazing the after picture!”)

I used the same vintage fabric I used on this set, which was a table cloth I picked up at a thrift store.  I love the fabric and have only used about half the table cloth, so you might see it pop up again someday.

I pulled the bright blue from the print to paint the chair.






I love the little bird!

Hope you all are having a happy springtime before the dog days are upon us!


  1. Did you finish with a varnish? Looks great!

  2. That fabric is great and I absolutely love that paint color!

  3. really cute:) love your blog:)

  4. Gorgeous! You are so creative. I love the cockatoo. :)

  5. CA-YUTE! love the shape and the colors!

  6. Love the chair, the blue is so fun! That fabric is wonderful!

  7. Haha, loved you using the word "wonky"! What a great chair - love the color and the fabric you used!

  8. LOVE this chair! What a beautiful shade of blue and the fabric is so pretty - love the bird, especially!

  9. The chair is an exotic blend of style and color and it's floral designs enhance the romance of the room. An exact replica of the one shown, the chair is an excellent match to the colorful look of my room.

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