Saturday, March 3, 2012

Herringbone Cabinet

I’m sharing my love for all things herringbone over at Perfectly Imperfect as my first post as a new contributing writer over there.  (If you are not already a follower of my pal Shaunna’s fantastic blog, I highly recommend popping over and giving it a look-see!)

You’ll remember I proudly professed my design crush with herringbone on my Metallic Herringbone Desk back in December, and the web echoed my cheers and took that little project to it’s heart.  It was even featured on Design Sponge!!


So I decided to delve into the herringbone craze yet again, this time on this maple cabinet.


This monstrously heavy maple behemoth of a cabinet was probably from the 40’s or 50’s based on the style. And I wanted to play up the mod style with the finished look.

I chose to paint the body a mid-toned gray in a semi-gloss, with the back of the cabinet in a mustard yellow. The gray and mustard color combo is super hot right now, and certainly kept with the edgy modern look I was going for.

I wanted the herringbone pattern on the drawer and cabinet fronts at the bottom of the piece, and had planned on masking and painting the pattern, but I happened to win a great giveaway from Royal Design Studio Stencils from I Heart Naptime, and guess what? They happened to have a fantastic herringbone style stencil! SCORE! So I got to skip the tedious process of masking and use their great stencil instead, which worked out swimmingly!

I just painted the stencil in one direction with a darker tone of my same gray paint, then washed off the stencil, flipped it over and went back in the next direction with a lighter tone of my same gray paint. The stencil had handy registration marks that helped to line everything up and keep your pattern on track. I’m in love with the finished piece!






I polished up the original brass knobs to pick up on the mustard yellow on the inside of the upper cabinet. Don’t they look fantastic?!?! I used my favorite metal polish, Brasso, to take them from bland to glam!


So, what do you think?  Is the herringbone trend here to stay, or here today, gone tomorrow?


  1. I love, love, love this one.--Ma

  2. Super....Very very very nice...I love it...I also renewed my closet.I was inspired by you.Was an amateurish operation.If you want to look at ...

  3. This is so crazy cool! Love it, love it.

  4. I think this is one of my favorite pieces from you! I might have to pick myself up one of those stencils...the colors you chose are perfect!

  5. What a great stencil! I'm super heart loving the design and colors!!

  6. wow...just amazing! love what you do to old faded tossed aside relics...breathing new life into them with your pops of color and patterns.

  7. Your creative stenciling is genius!! I love everything about this piece so much!! Totally fabulous.

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    i would like to say thank you about this cool post,and this idea very helpful to me,
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  9. Wow that looks amazing, you picked a great design! Really nice piece :-)

  10. The herringbone looks absolutely beautiful!

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