Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Current Inventory and Vintage Market Requests

As it turns out, I’m only going to be able to bring one truck load of stuff down for the Junkrestore Vintage Market Sale that’s going on this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so I thought it might be good to show you all of what I have ready to go and available currently, so that if anyone who is planning on attending the sale (in Scottsdale) could make requests of items I should definitely bring with me.  :) 

If Thursday and Friday are successful and I move the inventory I bring down, I can bring more with me on Saturday when I come.  So, if you are just coming to the sale on Saturday, make sure you let me know, so the item(s) you’re interested in come down on the second truck load.  :)
So get ready for lots of pictures!  :)

These first few items are new makeovers that you haven’t seen, so I’m also showing the before pictures (‘cause you know how much I love some good before and afters.)

French Chair with Kelly Green & White Damask – $40
High Gloss Red Chair ($40) & Side Table ($50)
(The chair is a new project you haven’t seen yet.)

French Upholstered Arm Chair ($150) & Slate Top Side Table ($60)
(I have the other matching chair that isn’t completed yet, unfortunately, but let me know if you have interest in them as a pair.  The table is a new project that you haven’t seen yet.)
Damask Dresser – $300
Shabby White Buffet/Sideboard – $180
Chevron Dresser – $180
The Fancy Desk – $250
Pediment Bench – $180
French Gray Chairs ($60 per) & Side Table ($70)
French Gray Twin Headboard and Footboard Set – $100
(with same side table as above – $70)
Funky Game Table and Chairs Set – $180 for all three pieces
Set of 4 Antique Chairs – $30 per chair or the set of 4 for $100
(I have not redone these, but they are in fantastic shape, a couple have a little wobble and need some gluing.  Check out those details and that gorgeous wood!!)


Here are a few examples of Cara's artwork, some of which will be there, too. Be sure to stop by our booth from ten til' noon on Saturday and say hi if you plan on coming. We'd love to meet you.

A sneak of a 40 x 60 in progress...

Funky Game Table and Chairs

I’ve been quite a busy little bee the last few days, and I have a lot of little tid bits to share, but I didn’t want this project to get lost in the shuffle, so I thought it deserved it’s own post.

The story begins a long, long time ago (I do believe it was in October, if my steel trap memory serves me correctly, and it usually does.)  ;)  Cara picked up this sad little table with a spinning top at a yard sale for a buck or two.  It’s been sitting in my workshop ever since waiting for inspiration to strike (and collecting lots of dust.)


Then, last month, a wonderful family took home the French Drop Leaf Dining Set.  Christine told me she had a couple of chairs that they didn’t need any more and I was welcome to have them.  As you all know, I almost never turn down free.  :)  So I brought home this pair of chairs.


I know, I know.  That’s only one chair.  It has a twin.  ;)


I thought the chairs modern shape work fantastically with the game table. 

There’s a phenomenon that happens with me sometimes, that the less I spend initially on furniture, the wilder and less inhibited I feel with the makeovers.  Since I paid a big fat nothin’ for these pieces, I threw caution to the wind!!  Here’s what I came up with:






I just love that the top rotates!  So fun!


I cut out 2 inch squares of some orange paper that I had and mod podged them on the table top.  I still need to put some poly over the top, but I just couldn’t wait to share.  :)

Checkers anyone?

P.S. – I’ll be back a little later with a post summarizing all the pieces I have ready to go at the moment with prices.  I have limited transportation space for the Junkrestore Vintage Market in Scottsdale.  We’ll be loading up the truck this evening and I’ll be heading down to set up tomorrow.  If there are any pieces that anyone has particular interest in, please let me know so I can make sure it makes the cut as to what’s going on the truck.  :)


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Shabby White Buffet

Yikes!  It’s already almost 11am and I have so much yet to try and accomplish today!  So I’m going to make this post short and sweet.  :)

Tomorrow afternoon, after I pick up the boys from school, we are going to have the 20 week sonogram and try to peek at the new baby’s gender!!  I’m so stoked!  Then I come home and the hubby and I are loading the truck so I can take stuff down to set up at the Junkrestore Vintage Market at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale on Wednesday.  The sale runs Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 4 pm and there will be over 30 vendors selling some awesome stuff!!  If you’re in the area, you should definitely come out!

On to the makeover at hand!  I picked up this buffet/sideboard on Saturday morning and got right to work on it so it might be ready for next weekend’s sale.  :)


The sides can be folded down and opened up for times when you might need more serving space.  The cabinet on the left has a shelf in the middle and the double cabinet on the right has both a shelf and an upper divided drawer for serving utensils or silverware.

I decided that it would look great painted white and shabbied up.  I kept the original hardware.






I’m going to work on a post tomorrow of everything I current have done and ready to go with prices.  If you are coming to Vintage Market and there are any particular pieces that you MUST see in person, be sure to let me know so I make sure to bring it with me.  :)

Off to work I go!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

French Gray Chairs

I picked up these two Drexel French shaped chairs at good ol’ GW the other day for $8 a piece. 


I was musing on the Twice Lovely Facebook Fan Page that when I get pieces like this, I always oscillate between a desire to play up the lovely frenchiness in a traditional and beautiful way, and a desire to go outside the box and unexpected and take something very traditional, and make it fantastically funky.

This time, I could not deny the the stunning french shape of this pair, so I decided to paint them a yummy french gray, distressed with the white primer peeking through.  I upholstered the seats with the same fabric I used on the French Drop Leap Dining Set.  I just love the gray and chocolate brown combination!





And don’t they look GREAT with this side table I did ages ago (in the same gray)?



Just so you don’t think I’ve gone completely straight and predictable, I was working on another project simultaneously with these chairs that couldn’t be farther on the spectrum of funkiness.  Here’s a little sneaky peek…


More to come soon!  Muahahahaha!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shabby Take on the Damask Dresser

When I posted the graphic Damask Dresser I redid for my very own bedroom, there was a huge response to the project.  (Okay, okay!  So the projector giveaway might have influence a handful of comments.)  I thought I might try a similar designed dresser to offer for sale.  This time I decided to do a little shabbier take on the design.

I started with this solidly built, but otherwise uninspiring large dresser.


That bumper sticker was a BEAST to get off of there.  I don’t care HOW much you like 103.9 Arizona’s Party Station, please don’t put their bumper sticker on your furniture.  :)

When the sticker was finally off and the piece all prepped, I painted it a satin off-white.  I followed the same projector method I outlined in the original Damask Dresser post, basically just projecting a nice damask design that I found online and tracing the outline with a pencil.  Then comes the tedious task of filling in your damask design.  This time I used a charcoal gray for the damask.  I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s a fast project.  Especially when you’re using a high contrast paint (like I’ve done both times.)  It takes several coats with an artists brush to get it looking good.  I think the finished product is really worth the time and tediousness of it though.  What’d you think?






I used the original hardware, which I think  worked well with the damask motif, but since the graphic damask design is really the focus of the piece, I wanted the hardware to kind of disappear, so I painted them the same color as the body of the dresser and did some distressing around the edges.

I also did some restrained hand distressing, just around the edges of the piece  just to shabby it up a bit.  :)

So, with the time I put into this one I’m going to have to charge $4,000.  Any takers?  ;)  Just kidding.  It will be up for sale at the Junkrestore Vintage Market at Scottsdale’s Simple Farm on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd for $300.  One more project down, about 20 to go.  Yikes!!  Good thing it looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous.  Great painting weather!  Wish me luck on getting stuff done!

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