Friday, February 4, 2011

Questions Answered on Paintings

Thank you for all your wonderful compliments on my paintings. I know some of you had questions about the work, so I thought I'd do a quick post to explain and give some pointers. There is actually a lot of thought (and money) that go into each one.  I don't mix my colors. They come right out of the tube. I use a mix of Van Goh H2o oil paints (which are no longer available :( and  Windsor and Newton Artisans (water-mixable oils) for quick drying. The acrylics just don't have the edge that i need, even the thicker ones. Golden Acrylic has the best hue richness, but when it dries, it doesn't have the lustery depth that the oils carry, either. And yes, I use a palette knife because it's quick, bold, and I hate using toxic paint thinner and keeping my brushes clean. Speaking of paint thinner, have you seen the safer "green" products at Home Depot? Sweetness.

Having grown up in the art world (my dad is a world-renowned artist and also owns several galleries), I've learned some tricks of the trade to actually make your art SELL (a very difficult task).

Some quick-selling tips for beginners:
-Don't chince on amount of paint you use. Load on the paint, even for detailed brushwork.
-When including subject matter, go for odd numbers
-clean colors (Only mix with side-by-side colors on color wheel, unless for shadowing)
-include purples for shadow
-reds sell
-always place your subjects slightly off-center
-include drama with lighting or texture and color, and pay attention to trends
-"artiness" and modern over-the-edge subject matter is not successful in galleries, but do what you love!
- Again, DO WHAT YOU LOVE! :)
-oil paint is successful
-when framing, go with the overall lines and style of a painting. Make sure you notice the painting before the frame, and NEVER chince on the quality of the frame.
-Your signature is more important than you realize. Practice, Practice, Practice.
-never stop--like anything, remain on task and push yourself.
-try to put in a vertical and horizontal ''line" into the format, whether it be with coloring or with shapes.
-the golden triangle IS golden. (one strong focal point, and two lesser, forming a triangle of movement)

So that's all I can think of for now. It is the greatest job EVER in my opinion, so hopefully you can find that balance between paying attention to your audience AND doing what you love.


  1. Thanks for peaking by my blog-SO nice to share your absalute love with so many -who also get it..
    And know the excitement of a piece- Getting paid is just the bonus ,as i love to see the transformation on these amzing pieces.
    Thanks again

  2. I am also an artist, sadly unknown. Thank you for the tips. Watercolor is my current medium.


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