Tuesday, November 16, 2010

French Drop-Leaf Dining Set

This project has been hounding me for months!  I’m so relieved to be finished and am so pleased with the final product!  :)

Cara picked up this fantastic drop-leaf table at the same yard sale as the upholstered chair I finished last week.  (I can’t exactly say how much it was, since this table, the arm chair, a lazy susan game table, and this console were all purchased together, but the total price was $27, I believe.)


The chairs, I picked up separately.  They had a great French shape to them, but hideous, pastel, southwest upholstery on the seats and a pickled wood finish that’s also big here in the southwest.  There were 5 chairs that came with a round pedestal table that I’m saving for another project for $60 on Craigslist.  The people were moving and it was a must sell situation.  They are SOLID pieces and I was happy about the score.  :)


Here’s another view, so you can fully grasp the hideousness of this fabric:




So with the shape of the chairs and the curvy legs of the drop-leaf table, the direction I was going with this set was going to be a french, distressed ivory finish.  That upholstery was, naturally, headed for the trash.  I picked up this lovely fabric for the cushions from Joann’s ($5 per yard with a coupon.)


I fell in love with the chocolate and teal color combination!  Isn’t it great?

So, the table and chairs were primed and painted ivory.  I wanted to add something special to the table to tie it in with the new upholstery on the chairs, so I decided to tape off and paint a faux striped table runner with the chocolate and teal. 



Once I had the stripes taped and painted, I sanded them to distress and fade, to make it look like it had been there for ages.  And here’s the finished table:


I love how the stripes help tie the table in with it’s fantastic new chairs!




It fits best with 4 chairs around the table, but you always want to have a little extra seating for guests.  :)




Yes, our willow tree still has green leaves.  This is Arizona!  ;)

Another project checked off my list of things I want to bring with me to the Junkrestore Vintage Market Barn Sale in Camp Verde this weekend!  Hope to see some of you there!  If you’d like the location, send me an email and I’ll send you the address.


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  1. Another amazing beautiful project completed over here. I love those chairs. Wow! All of the curves on the ladder back! And the design on the table. So unique and completed with your signature flair!

  2. Oh, my! I think that's one of my favorites! Love it! Seriously. I love it. If I didn't already have a new to me farm table, I would want this. It's gorg!

  3. Oh wow, what a great combination! Love the colors, the fabric, the paint, the design and how it all just works together!

  4. this is fantastic...turned out great

  5. What a fantastic set! I love the chairs and the stripes on the table really make this set stand out from the rest! Beautiful work as usual!

  6. Love it!!! If you were anywhere near me I would be there in a heartbeat. I love that set and would love to put it in my new residence....where ever that will end up being.

  7. it looks great- the chairs turned out so nicely! i have a drop leaf table i have had over a year.... they are such a pain to paint!!! maybe one day i will paint mine. :)

  8. I love it....those chairs are divine. I WISH I could find some like them. Great transformation!

  9. How fun is that? What a great combination you came up with. The chairs were a wonderful find, too.

  10. Wow Wow WOW! What a cool transformation. That is a NEAT stripe treatment!

  11. I'm totally in love with the painted-on runner! What an inspired idea!

  12. That is so stinking gorgeous, Ann Marie!!! I jumped in fright when I saw that original geometric fabric! Blah! The new upholstery fabric and the table stripes are perfect! I'm totally borrowing this idea for my kitchen table. Happens every time I visit you! Love your work!


  13. I love this! I have a French Country dining table but the chairs don't really fit it. These chairs are gorgeous. The stripes are so original!

  14. Wow, you never cease to amaze with your endless ideas! I can't wait to see you at the market this weekend. It's funny, I'll be bring a similar drop-leaf table table, Lord willing I finish it today. The chairs are done, and the table should be done by today :)

  15. LOVE it...I'm a sucker for a drop leaf table! -shaunna :)

  16. Your idea for the table is so pretty! I never would've thought of stripes but I love it :)

  17. AM I've been waiting a long time to see this come to fruition. Sorry about leaving behind this guilt table, but it really does look great, even though it was a pain. No pain no gain.

  18. Amazing! Great Craigslist finds and I love how you redid them. Awesome job!

  19. FABULOUS transformation....You are right, "gross" to those original seat cushions. What are some people thinking?

    Take care,

  20. I can't beleive how amazing that table looks! I never would have though of the stripes, but I love it! So nice to find fellow bloggers in AZ....

  21. Great way to marry the two pieces together! I wish I lived in AZ this looks like one good place to be.

  22. That is gorgeous, what a great idea painting the 'table runner' onto the table. Had to laugh at the before fabric, gross is right!

    I see your blog has been blinged up a bit, looks great :)

    xx Karen

  23. I have to admit, I don't the colors of the before fabric were bad. The design, yeah, that was not good. But I like the colors.

    I love what was done to the table. This stripes are like having a built-in table runner.



  24. I love the stripes on the table. A built-in runner! I probably would've painted it and not sanded it and then repaint it all over, lol! Great touch.

    And I love the 'before' fabric. Well, I don't 'love' it, but I love that you showed it. I just did a mural consult on a beautiful home - beautiful on the outside. When I walked inside, the entire interior had those colors and style. Ugh! I had no idea what they wanted for a mural.

    Why, Southwest, of course! And this is in Northern Calif., I might add!

    Would love you to stop by this weekend and link up to Passion for Paint!

  25. I wish I had seen this a couple of years ago! I had almost the exact same set- it had a horrible white-washed finish (or someone's idea of a white-wash). I spent so much time stripping and staining and varnishing. Ended up selling it when we moved. If it had looked like this, I would have kept it. ~sigh~

  26. This has to be my ALL time favorite piece online anywhere EVER! I want it and would buy it in a minute if I were at your market. Just WOW!

  27. Very cool project! I love how you coordinated the fabric of the chairs with the table runner! So clever and unique! :)

  28. As a furniture painter, I am enjoying going through your blog. This table and chairs are outstanding. Terry


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