Sunday, August 29, 2010

Metallic Side Table

My youngest sister moved away and started her freshman year of college a few weeks ago.  (Sniff, sniff…)  Now that the last of us 5 children has flown the coup, I’ve been helping my parents move into a smaller home that is (lucky for me) like 5 minutes away from us.  My mom wanted to set up a room in their new house to be just like my little sis’s room in their old house, so she can have a familiar feeling place to return to when she’s home from school.  They painted it the same color (a lovely pale green called “Wasabi”) and brought back in her black and white medallion bedding.  She’s had this little wood side table for quite a while, and for quite a while, it’s looked a little out of place in the room.  Well, I took the opportunity to steal the table away for a little makeover.


She is an extremely talented flautist, and picked up this lovely pewter music stand somewhere along the line.  It served as the inspiration for the finish on the new table. 


Since I did the metallic secretary not-long-ago, I still had all the materials on hand.  This time around, I did a spray primer instead of brushed primer, and I must say, I missed the interest the brush marks gave to the secretary once the glaze was added.  I guess it’s all about what effect you’re going for.  I felt this application gave much more of a zinc or pewter look, whereas the brush strokes made the secretary feel more like an antique silver leaf.  There was much less for the glaze to grab onto.  (I took these pics yesterday evening with waning light, so I must apologize for the poor picture quality.  I may go back sometime soon and try to get a better picture of the finish, ‘cause that’s how I roll.)  :) 



Notice the little monogram “H” I added to the original wooden knob?  Kristine over at The Painted Hive offered a simple tutorial on how to Mod Podge images on your simple wooden handles to customize them.  It worked like a champ!

Here’s the newly finished table in the context of her very cute room (We still need some kind of treatment for that long skinny high window.  Any suggestions?):


Well I hope we’ve feathered her little nest enough to keep her coming “home,” even though it’s not the home she knows.


  1. I would hang a rod that spanned the entire wall, get a sets of drapes and a set of sheers. I would hang the drapes to create dramatic headboards for each bead and to create the illusion that the window spans the whole wall as well.

  2. Agree with Heather. A wall of drapes would be very dramatic in the room. Very pretty!

  3. gorgeous! i am sure your sister will be thrilled.... mom and dad better hope she still wants to move out when she graduates! ;)

  4. VERY nice! Like the mod poge on the knobs. Say that 10x fast! lol;)Alyssa

  5. The table looks great! And totally agree with the others on fooling the eye to make the tiny window seem larger. Wish my kids bedrooms were so neat and clean.

  6. wow thats beautiful! I love the Wasabi green color! i may use it for my guest room :D

  7. Cool suggestion Heather. The table looks very nice, AM. I think you need to do some cool black shaped headboards, now!

  8. LOVE it!! Beautiful room, too! -shaunna :)

  9. Beautiful room and pretty piece! How sweet of your parents to recreate her room for her!

  10. You might want to hang some white shutters that are somewhat larger than the window. You can close the shutters but leave the louvers open to let in light and it'll look like a larger window. Or you could hang a cute valance above the window frame also with it barely covering the top of the window and hang some blinds in the window.


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