Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sofa Table, A Desk Chair, and Tour de Thrift

I have a lot to fit in this post!!  Sheesh!  Things have been piling up on my to do list.  Why is it that I feel more busy during the summertime than I do during the school year?

First, my friend Hannah contacted me last Friday and told me to be on the lookout for a sofa table.  Not 2 hours later, I scored this Thomasville beaut at a yardsale for $5!


Unfortunately, it’s about a half a foot too long for Hannah’s purposes, so this puppy’s now available!  I painted it satin black and decided to try out Rustoleum’s Frosted Glass Spray on the glass panels using a store-bought stencil.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I would really, really love to keep it for my house, if I had any where at all I could squeeze it in.  ;)





This week, I’ve also finished up the Studded Desk project.  I finished up the studded design on the left side of the desk, where I had run out of tacks before (oops) and I also did up a matching chair.  The chair has a little bit of a story:

I met a woman, Valarie (Hi, Valerie!!!) who had seen some of our pieces for sale on Craigslist and who had in mind a few things she wanted us to do for her home.  She also had some furniture that she wanted to get rid of, and wondered if we would want it to do our thing with.  Well, I for one will never turn down free.  :)  Valerie had a dining set that she had inherited from her husband’s mother.  It was a double pedestal table, the top of which was long gone.  The pedestals were all that remained.  She had one of the captain’s chairs (with arms) and another four with no arms.  She wants me to fix up and reupholster the captain’s chair and use one of the pedestals to make a side table to match, so she can have a piece of her mother-in-law’s old table for posterity.  Isn’t that a great idea?  She gave me the remaining pedestal and the four other chairs to do with what I do.  :)  I used one of these chairs for a makeover to match the studded desk.  They now look like they were always meant to be together.



Here’s a side-by-side with one of the chairs that hasn’t yet been made over:


And here’s a shot from the left to show you that I did, in fact, finish of the studding.  :)


Lastly, I just found out this morning about an event coming up this Saturday, the Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift, put on by Aly and Ash over at Cute as a Fox Creations.  Needless to say, I signed right-the-heck up!  I’m stoked to be attending!  Hopefully we all have a fabulous time and I come back with some loot!  :)


I’m sure there’s more I meant to write about that I’m forgetting right now, but this post is long enough, and I’m tired.

‘Night all!


  1. Score! Love it when you get some freebies that you can give new life to. I like what you did with the sofa table, and the transformation of the chair is so refreshing and lovely!

  2. Wow, I love the frosted stencil effect on the glass topped table, that is fantastic! I asked you a while ago about how you got your stock into retail spaces, and thought I would let you know that a funny thing happened to me today. I got an email from a woman who liked a white pedestal table the she could see in the background of one of my furniture photos. It was a table that I had purchased from our local online auction site that had apparently come from the US (a shop called Pier 1 Imports). Anyway, she wanted to know if it was for sale, and when I thought about it, it was...I no longer had room for it and had been meaning to give it a paint makeover to sell as the top was all chipped. She wanted to buy it as is, and paid me the same as what it cost me, $150. I was thrilled with that, but there was more (sorry this is long, lol)...she is setting up a photography studio in the High St of our town and it is all french-shabby themed. She has some spare space there, and wondered if I might like to display/sell some of my pieces there! I am going to go see the space on Monday, but WOW, talk about blown away by how funny things happen sometimes...sorry for the long post!
    xx Karen

  3. I love the black sofa table! What a transformation. It's lovely and the stencil part really adds such a special touch. Where did you find your large stencil? I have not had luck where I live finding any great stencils. Curious where you got that one? You are so talented! I am pretty new starting out with painting furniture and have lots to learn. I enjoy all of the blogs for inspiration and so much fun to see what others do and connect with people doing the same thing.

  4. Brilhante, muito bonito mesmo! O aparador escuro ficou divino!

  5. hi ann marie! love the sofa table- it is gorgeous and the stenciled glass was genius for it. it gives it that modern touch. hope you have fun at the tour de thrift! it seems to me all the bloggers are out there in az, and washington, and nashville and north carolina.... where are all my marland folk? ;) wish i was in az so i could come- sounds like so much fun!

  6. WOW!!!!!!!! That sofa table is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Great job! ;)

  7. GAWK! The sofa table is a gorge! How did you find that sucker for $5?? Hannah must be cringing that it was too long!

  8. You have been a busy bee. I love the sofa table, but the desk and chair is exceptional... a really nice job.

  9. LOVE the sofa table!! is my husband's "grand"mother's furniture.

    Great job! I can't wait to see the other pieces!!

  10. The sofa table is wonderful! I have one question: Did you brush the black paint, or did you use spray paint? It has such a professional finish to it. Did you use any polyurethane after the black paint? I hope you sell if for LOTS!

  11. I used both spray gray primer and spray black satin paint. I didn't do any poly. It's sold already! :)


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