Monday, May 24, 2010

Funky Harlequin Side Table

I came across this little side table the other day at the Habitat Re-Store.  It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before, and for $7, I really couldn’t pass it up.  You can see why it caught my eye:


So fun!

I hit ‘er with some Semi-gloss White Rustoleum spray paint, and did those fabulous pulls with some ORB.  Then it sat, needing something.  But what? 

Then I saw this post yesterday from Jenifer of The Magic Brush.  She added some pizzaz to a jewelry chest with a great harlequin stencil on the top.  Hellooooooo inspiration!

But I didn’t have a harlequin stencil at 6pm last night when I decided to do this project!  (As my kids and/or Spongebob would say) BARNACLES!!  I turned to the internet where I found some great tips on creating a harlequin pattern.  I graphed out my harlequin design (see the how-to below) and hand-painted it with a flat brush and some acrylic craft paint.  With some post-painting distressing, here’s how she turned out!





So here’s some tips if you’re interested in creating a harlequin pattern like I did.  First, I drew lines from top to bottom and side to side to find the middle point.  I found out online that a the diamonds in a harlequin pattern should have a 1:2 ratio of width to height.  For my table top, I decided I would make the width 2 inches and the height 4 inches.  Once I had the middle point, I began to graph out the table top in 2 inch by 4 inch rectangles, like so:


I then found the mid-points of each side of the rectangles, like so:


Then, connect all the mid points to make your diamonds, like so:


I marked the diamonds I wanted to paint, so I would screw it up after all of that.  :)  Then it’s just a matter of doing the painting. 


It was a little tedious, but worth the effort, in my opinion.  Here’s another look at the fabulous finished product:


Lots more to come in the near future!!

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  1. I like how you aged the diamonds. Very cool, Anne Marie.

  2. WOW -- You created a very special piece. I love it! Feel free to link this to my party on Wednesday, if you like -- actually I would be thrilled. It's the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  3. OMGosh.... that is GOR-geous!!!!!!!!! What a great job you did! And measuring those diamonds out by hand..... GREAT JOB!!!!!!

    Can I ask what white paint you use??? I love it!

  4. Great makeover. I love the finished result. You have a lot of patience! Definately worth it though, well done! xx

  5. Very beautiful paint job and what a fun, funky piece!! -shaunna :)

  6. What a unique and beautiful piece of furniture. I am constantly amazed at how paint can totally transform an object. Love it!

  7. Looking good...luv her makeover!


  8. It's a darling table....Love the personality...

  9. so much fun!! and what a cool table. you did it justice for sure :)

  10. Love harlequin...My kitchen backsplash is limestone in harlequin check, and I always receive compliments on it.

  11. This is flippin fabulous! You'd best be linking it up all over the place this week! Itd definitely be a winner!

  12. Its awesome! I see those kinda tables everywhere and woulda never thought of that!

  13. Wow, that turned out lovely! I may not have snatched it up in the before photo. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing what something can become. Awesome!

  14. wow!! that is so cool- and so much work! it is definitely a statement piece and needs to be seen.
    as for using a sprayer- nope. i don't have room inside and my neighbors are too close for the noise of it outside. i do it all the old-fashined way, with a brush!

  15. When I saw the linky square, I thought it was Jen from Magic Brush! what a great job you did. And thanks so much for the harlequin tutorial. I've always dreaded doing those and you made it so simple!

    btw, I have my grandmother's old table - quite similar to yours - and had no idea what to do with it. It's such an eyesore, but now I have a great idea! Thanks!

  16. oh how I miss that Habitat ReStore... sigh. beautiful projects, friend! :) melissa

  17. Thank you for linking!!! I am so happy that you did. I love this piece. It has a personality all its own. So unique!

  18. Wow! Now that takes some time & thought! I always pass by awkward looking tables with funny shapes at the thrift store...I may have to start looking twice now!
    I'm stopping by to say thanks for your compliments on my painted 'granite' countertop post! I appreciate the feedback! :)

  19. awesome job! thanks for showing how you mapped it out! Maybe I'll do this someday soon. :)

  20. Seriously, that rocks. Wish it was mine!

  21. That is a very nice piece. Thanks for the harlequin tutorial.

  22. I wish I could have this for my sister. She would freak out.

  23. That is such a lovely piece. It's so different and cool. I love the harlequin and I love the distressing you did too!


  24. Very very cool topper! Looks like alot of effort went into this one but look at the result! LOVE it! I can see checkerboard going well in my own home.. hmm...

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  25. Clever redo; what an improvement on this side table. Well done!

  26. I love it! It was fun to meet you at Tour De Thrift- wish we could have chatted more :) But I love your little table! And your furniture re-do's are so much fun! I just did an old desk- similiar to some of your desks on here ;)
    You'll have to take a look-
    this table is perfect inspiration for when I do my similiar table I found Sat. Thanks so much for sharing! Love it!

  27. I still haven't painted any diamonds yet - or refinished my ugly table, for that matter. But I did highlight your project on my Feature Friday post today.

    Have a great weekend!


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