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Friday, January 20, 2012

Faux Zinc Topped French Side Tables

I picked up a cute little pair of French, two-tier side tables from my very favorite thrift store a while ago.  (Yes, the same favorite thrift store I bought this headboard at.  Stay away!!)


They were leather topped, but the leather had seen far better days.  I knew I had to do something about them.  I formulated the plan to prime the whole of the tables with gray primer, including the leather tops.  Then I went back and painted the tops with some Mirrored Silver Metallic Spray Paint I bought from Ace Hardware.  I really loved the stuff!!  I think it’s going to be my go-to silver from now on.  Fabulous stuff!

Once the silver dried, I went back with some black craft paint that I watered down into a glaze, painted it on and dabbed it off with a piece of paper towel.  It turned out looking just like zinc, with the texture from the leather!  I love it!

Then I masked off the table tops and sprayed the body of the tables ivory.  After that had thoroughly dried, I hand-distressed with some fine sandpaper until some of the gray primer showed through in places and on the edges.

Some of the silver spray paint and black glazing tied in the original brass handles, and I called ‘em done!


Speaking of my very favorite thrift shop, guess what I picked up there day before yesterday.  Check this awesomeness…


I’ve wanted to do an antique sideboard for about as long as I’ve been refinishing furniture, so I’m on cloud nine to find such an awesome one for a great price!  What should I do to it?  It has to live up to it’s potential.  ;) 

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabric Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I forgot to draw a winner of the adorable Moda “It’s a Hoot” fabric that I had left over from my dresser redo!


The winner is Jenni from The Roseland Family!!

Congratulations Jenni!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Toy, An HVLP Paint Sprayer

I told you guys my Christmas gift to myself this year was a new-to-me Canon Rebel.  I’m very excited to delve deeper into the realm of photography!  But it’s like learning a whole new language; It’s gonna take some time, for sure!

But another Christmas gift also brought a little pitter pat to my heart, and that was a new HVLP paint sprayer from my wonderful in-laws!!  I’d been eyeing this HVLP unit from Rockler for a while now.

At just $99, it’s an extremely thrifty option that I just had to share with you!  It has really good reviews on Rockler’s website, and I have to say that my experience with it so far has also been really good as well.  It lays down a very nice and extremely FAST finish. 

The keys to working with this (and all other) HVLP paint sprayers is getting your paint to the right consistency (not too runny, but not too thick), and adjusting your flow knob so that you’re laying down just the right volume of paint.  (I have mine set to just about the lowest volume, which makes it a little bit slower, but will keep me from getting the dreaded drippys.  When in doubt, always err on the side of more, thinner coats rather than trying to cover in one coat.)  Both of these aspects take some trial and error, but once you hone in on the right paint consistency and the right volume of paint passing through the sprayer, you’re going to get great results time after time, whether you’re painting pieces for your own home or trying to step up your professional refinishing game.

I’m also loving how easy it is to clean!!  I just take it in, dump out any paint that remains in the siphon cup, give it a rinse with some hot soapy water, then put some hot soapy water in the siphon cup and spray it through the gun to make sure it’s all cleaned out, and I’m done!

Rockler is also known for their great customer service, so I feel pretty confident that if I was to ever have problems with it, they’d be able to help me.

I’d like to say that while I am a Rockler Affiliate (I get a small amount if you purchase through the links on my site) I have not been compensated in any way for this review.  I just really like my new paint sprayer and wanted to share it with you as an affordable way to take your furniture refinishing to the next level.

Happy painting!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coral Headboard and Fabric Front Dresser

I’m going to admit, before the new baby was born, I was getting completely burnt out on furniture refinishing.  And it wasn’t so much the painting that was wearing me down, but the business of it all.  I was DONE with Mr. Craig and his little list.  People from CL wanted me (and usually persuaded me) to give away my work for little to nothing.  That on top of the hassle of flakey people not showing, nervousness about people coming to my house (even if it was only the backyard), and the work put into putting up and keeping up nice ads, it was becoming not worth my time, quite frankly.  Plus, I felt completely boxed into painting pieces a nice, safe white or black, or ivory, because I was petrified that if I didn’t paint things “safely”, they wouldn’t sell, and I’d have them sitting around here forever. 

But when I started bringing pieces into a local boutique in November, I told myself that I was going to start taking more artistic chances with my furniture refinishing.  After all, people can go to any store and buy a white dresser.  What people are willing to pay money for are pieces with character.  Sometimes old pieces have an inherent character that painting it white enhances.  I’m not against a nice coat of white paint when a piece calls for it!  But I was getting a little tired of tying my own hands when it came to artistic expression.  So I decided to loosen up a little, take a few more chances with color an design, and I’m already having a ton more fun!  My mind is absolutely swimming with ideas and possibilities.  So in 2012, I’m bringing the fun back!  And I hope you enjoy it around here as much as I do!  :)

So, in that spirit I present to you this very fun project!

I got this great headboard at a local thrift store.


It certainly had character to spare, and (I’ll admit it) I was tempted to paint it white.  ;)  But at the urging of my Twice Lovely Facebook Fans, I decided to take a chance on a color that I’ve been wanting to use for a while now, CORAL!! 

I’m a big coral fan.  I think it’s a color that is just going to keep gaining popularity in interiors, fashion and other modes of design in the upcoming year.  In fact, I know the Pantone people have some complicated algorithms and such to pick the color of the year, and while they were close in 2011 with the pinky “Honeysuckle”, I really think in retrospect 2011 was the year of Coral.  But who am I anyways?  ;)

But, I digress…

I painted a gray primer, then a high gloss coral that I had color matched to Coral Isle from Krylon.  I hand distressed with some medium grit sandpaper so that the gray primer and just a touch of the dark wood showed through on the edges.



I paired her up with this simple, but sturdy modern dresser.  


Someone remade it once before, but it was in need of another update.  I painted the body in the same method as the headboard, first with gray primer before finishing up with the high gloss coral.  But I wanted add some pizzazz to this boxy gal and try out a new method that I haven’t used before by adding a fun fabric to the drawer fronts! 

I bought this great fabric quite a while ago and have been waiting for the right project to use it on.  It’s called “It’s a Hoot, Birds in Flight” in Marshmallow by MoMo for Moda, but in looking around the internet for the purchasing information to share with you (in case you love it as much as I do), I found out that it’s all sold out and pretty hard to find around.

I painted a hearty coat of Mod Podge on the front drawer faces, then applied the fabric to the fronts, let that dry, then added 3 coats of polycrylic (my fave is Verathane) to protect the fabric and make the drawer faces cleanable.

With the finishing touches of some spray painted handles (Lagoon from Rustoleum) and some Hobby Lobby pinky faceted crystal knobs, she’s ready to go!


Now, if that’s not fun, I don’t know what is.  :)

You know what else would be fun?  How about a giveaway?!?!

I only used about half my “It’s a Hoot” fabric on this project, so there’s a generous yard left(actually about 1 1/6 yard plus some extra bits), and I thought someone might like to have it. :)  Look at it again.  Isn’t it cute?!?!

We’ll make it simple.  Just leave me a comment here telling me you’d like to win some adorable fabric.  Maybe share what you’d like to do with it as well.

I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday night.

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