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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Paintings, a peek.

 I just thought I'd give you a peek of some fresh ones I've just finished. This is mainly a post for friends in Prescott, to let them know what I've been up to these days. So this is what I've been doing in my garage between nursings and during naptime!! I don't think I'm the only one around here who hearts naptime.
If anyone happens to live in Phoenix, drop by Old Town Scottsdale and visit the new Signature Gallery. Hopefully I  should be starting the line-up there in a couple of weeks when I have them framed and sprayed. Gearing up for the madness and very excited!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Now Happy Kitchen Table

Okay, this is a revised post of my table. I keep revising it because I just wasn't happy with it. The fact that I'm in my house all day looking at it might also contribute to the obsession, but, ah well, it''s fun. A couple months ago, my aunt gave me a boring 70's table she had no need for. She was kind enough to leave the accompanying captain chairs behind. I was secretly imagining some simple modern chairs to top it off, but in this business of trash picking, you take what you can get.

Right before I had the baby, my mom and I took a trip to Goodwill. It was just she and I, browsing and brainstorming for hours (minus kids bee-lining for shelves of glass). And then THERE, right before me, was a stack of wooden, gray-worn, modern chairs. God had heard my prayers. I waddled quick as I could to the counter to purchase all 4 for $20.

Look at the terrible shape this wood is in!

I know I need a new camera, but I'm thankful I at least have one right now. So first I painted them whit, and I would've left them if it weren't for all the fingerprints. So then:

And I was also aiming for something clean, retro, and bold 2-tone Scandinavian-ishy (?). I took my inspire from this vintage tablecloth I've always loved.  

I'll post up some better, more thorough pictures soon. I just haven't finished the legs yet, and the background "staging" if you will, is pathetic. But I love it! So happy and dainty.

I hope this inspires someone to use this color and paint something fun on the canvas of their boring table.
I just wanted something fun for the kids and I. This little room extends into a playroom, so I thought I'd make the table happy and playful.

There is something so empowering, even heavenly, about looking at stuff that is ugly, cast-aside, or forgotten, and drawing the beauty out from it. Aah! I love it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Lovely New Baby for Cara!

I know you were beginning to think I was never coming ‘round here no more.  :)  It’s been far, far too long!  I’m 9 weeks pregnant now, into my 10th week, which is the peak of the morning sickness.  Yuck!  I’m getting a handle on it with a Unisom/B-6 combo, which is allowing me to keep more of my food down and such.  I can’t wait for this part of the process to be over!  I have so much admiration and compassion for women who suffer with this kind of sickness all pregnancy long!  They’re my heroes.

Speaking of heroes, the other Twice Lovely lady, my bff Cara, delivered her sixth bundle of joy this past Thursday.  Everything went extremely smoothly (she’s well practiced) and mom and baby are doing great.  He was a boy, as expected.  ;)  He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and is a squishy little bundle that is making me so look forward to the arrival of our own.  (Grow little peanut!!  Grow!!)

Here’s the quite handsome Keegan Christopher:


Don’t give up on me!  I’ll be back one of these days with projects to share again.  :)  It’s only a matter of time.  I have some really cool things out in the workshop, just waiting for some attention.  Here’s a preview to keep you interested:




Eeek!  I can’t wait!  Thanks for being patient with me.  :)