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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lagoon Mirror

I picked up this large mirror at my very favorite thrift store for a pittance last week.  It’s one of those places that’s a little bit scary, and nothing’s marked with a price, so you have to ask.  There’s an 80 year woman who runs the place, and she’s a bit scary as well.  But I’ve been shopping there at least once a week for quite a while now, so she knows me, coos over my beautiful babies.  Ya know, I’m in!  So whenever I ask the price on things there, I usually have to physically hold back my gasp at how cheap it is.  And I can’t get my money out and get the piece in my car quick enough.  Yep…LOVE that place.  If you’re ever in Prescott, AZ, let me know and I’ll take you there.  But I might just have to throw elbows for the coolest pieces, just so you’re warned.  ;)

So here’s how the mirror came to me:


I knew I wanted to do a bright and unexpected color on this one.  I tossed around yellow and coral, but ultimately landed on using Lagoon from Rustoleum.  It’s a favorite of my bloggy pal Kirsty from A Little Bit of Sanity and a Lot of Chaos, and I’ve wanted to bust it out ever since I saw some of her wonderful pieces done in this color.  It’s a deep turquoise or a bright teal.  I haven’t decided which, and it varies depending on the lighting.  I noticed when I had it inside that it looked more on the teal side, but out in the daylight, it looked more turquoise.  I added a black glaze to deepen the color further and bring out the cool details.



Yes, our willow tree is still green!  This is AZ!!  It was 60 degrees yesterday, and I was actually sweating when I was working outside.  I love fall in Arizona!  It’s my very favorite time of year.

I tried to pair it up with the Metallic Herringbone Desk, but I think it’s just too large.  The scale doesn’t quite work.  But I do love the idea of a bright mirror paired up with it as a vanity.  I may try look for another that fits it better.  (By the way, I’d like to everyone for all the wonderfully beautiful and ego-boosting comments on the desk!  I’m so glad you love it as much as I do!)


Thanks to my friends Cassie at Primitive and Proper and Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect for their features of the Herringbone Desk!  I love both those gals!

Also, I’m being featured over at Time Out For Women for the next few days, so please hop over and check it out!


  1. ooh...ahh...love it! the mirror was quite the catch & design to begin with and then you waved your magic paint brush and voila. beauty times three. that color is so perfect to make those details pop.
    i've had a fetish for mirrors lately. ;)

  2. I've been painting a lot of furniture in turquoise and aqua too. It seems to be all the rage right now. Love how this turned out!

  3. Bearutiful! Do you use the black glaze later, or mix into the paint?

  4. It's gorgeous! Come on...tell us how much you got it for :)

  5. It's beautiful. I sure do love Lagoon! Thanks for the mention friend! Great job on the mirror.

  6. This mirror is just beautiful!! I think it's one of my favorites you have done recently. Love the color, love the amount of glaze, love it's size. It's awesome.

  7. I live in prescott valley AZ and was wondering what thrift store you got this from. I have been wanting to find a place with some cheap furniture and so far have not been able to.

  8. Glisten, You don't have your email on your profile, so I couldn't email you directly, but if you read this, my favorite place is the DAV in Prescott. That's where I got this mirror. But don't take my stuff. ;)

  9. Wow, good score on the mirror. We recently moved to Cottonwood and to say shopping is limited is an understatement. I finally find one at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and am in the process of refinishing it for our water closet.

    Will have to make the trip to Prescott and check out the place you mentioned. Not quite sure but will try to locate it.

  10. LOL she was scary and rusty but she added to the adventure and i loved her, too.

    Wish i had that mirror for my entry. Fun.

  11. wow i really love how this turned out. I've recently painted a large dresser a lovely blue (dutch boy founding father) but I'm looking for a glaze to tone it down a little - it's VERY blue if you konw what I mean. Which glaze did you use out of interest? It looks FAB!

  12. Ann Marie, Your herringbone desk is absolutely "da bomb". I'm cookoo for cocopuffs over it!! I'm scouting around my house looking for something to put the design on. It has a masculine feel with the dark stain almost like a man's suit. (Awesome!) I love mix and match but the turquoise mirror is just not makin' it for me with that desk. How about a mirror with simple lines, or black or gold. The desk is the star let it shine. Vicki ven@horizonsatellite.com

  13. Your finds are always so tremendous, but what you do with them is even more amazing.

  14. what a beatitful mirror, love the color you chose. it looks awesome paired with that desk too :)

  15. You live in Arizona!? I do too! You should host some hands on classes because I would really love to gain some skills and you do beautiful work!


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