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Friday, November 25, 2011

Because Mamma needs a Toy Cabinet, too

I'm breaking my rule by posting on Anne Marie's blog again. Sometimes I can't resist entering into the conversation of furniture. Especially since I've recently moved into a new house. I've noticed, in these blog land conversations (a lot of you are my best blog friends and you don't even know it), it just so happens to present itself that many of you have the same weakness that I do. Shabby, pink, and french. I know I should have kept my cabinet just for my Garden Laundry shop [another one of my guilty pleasures]. But this cabinet crammed with pink and green flowery china has very practical storage space, indeed. 

On the other side of this room, there's a pretty painting I found at an estate sale for $3. it's from the 40's, too, and I bought it for the frame but soon fell in love with the aged magnolias.

I wasn't sure about the white frame, so I painted it a pretty pale turquoise. I was originally thinking coral, but you bloggers are rubbing off on me, what can I say? (btw can you see my lovely little antique foot rest which I've been using as a half bench in the foreground? It makes a great seat for 2 little sets of eh-ems when a gal needs extra seating). Ooh, and there's my high chair. Oooh.


On to other topics, the reason we moved to a new house was largely because of this room:

It's just a great big room off of the garage, which I use as my studio! Hooray! And yes, sometimes I sprawl out and paint on the ground. But I wanted to go into the whole idea of "creative business". That is, making money off of your creative endeavors. Most of you are in it, just like me. But it's been sort of an oxy moron for me--it's a release, but most of the battle is getting into the right frame of mind to create something successful, since it's a source of income. I begin to stress, and then I wind up with Kung Phooey. So, I want this room to be a play room for me. I want to be able to go to it, and not feel the stress of having to bring home the bacon. I've learned a lot from everyone's comments and blogs. There's a lot of wisdom out there. And, I really do feel like I've grown a bunch since we both started this blog 2 years ago. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks to all you Simon Cowells out there. :) I kid. I kid. I am wishing for a Pick my Presto from Layla, as a sort of Christmas present, right Layla??? So, I submitted this here post to her PMP box. Cross your fingers. Do you guys have any advice? Note to self: DONT burn the room down with your candle.

Pretty junky, right? 

Everything's looking very... very hazey. Foggy.

  Hey there's fingerprints all over my camera. How am I ever going to keep my studio streamlined? *sigh* I need some cute junky furniture in this here studio.
Hope you all had a very blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving! Thank you for the moon, for sweet children, and for happy grandpa hugs. Thank you for old junky furniture and big fat tubs of juicy paint. Miss you, Anne Marie... hugs. :P Cara


  1. I miss you too Cara!! Even though you always add the "e" on the end of Ann after 10 years. ;) Ha!! I would love to see the linoleum gone, and a big, graphic stencil painted right on and all over the concrete subfloor. Something like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/345086277/ I even have a stencil we can use! I just need to get down there and help. :)

  2. Oops! And how do you spell mamma--is that the Italian way? What's the blonde way? I would love for you to come down and help me redo the room. And there's a Goodwill right around the corner from me. And bring the bubs and I can pinch his cheeks!! Adore your link.

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