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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Starsky and Hutch

It was bad. The hutch, I mean. Craigslist said, $40: hutch from the 1940's. Solid wood. Alright. Can do. But the hutch had been sitting on the front porch of an ol gal's house for i don't know how long. Black widow webs dusted along the bottom of the wood. Warped veneer was rising up in all sorts of strange places, and the black. The black. i had no choice but to go shabby on this one.

The handles were very strange. i didn't like them.

I stole this idea from Cassie's blog, which she stole from somewhere-who's blog. Here's her take on the idea for a dresser. Alright, I can't find it. The idea was a transition from light to dark color on the drawers of her dresser. I tried it on this hutch for a cheery, quirky, clean effect, and i like it. can't wait to stash all my linens in it!


I'm not very good at cleaning. I know! I should've cleaned those windows before I shot this thing. :) But I'm liking the farmy mid-century vibe.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Krylon’s Dual Duel

Just a quick little post to make a plea for votes on Krylon’s Dual Duel.  :)  Voting ends on Friday, and I’d be honored to have your votes!  You can vote once a day until then, and each vote enters you to win your very own 6 pack of Krylon’s Dual Paint and Primer Spray Paint in your choice of colors.  (I won a few weeks ago, just for voting for my own projects!)

There will be one winner from each of the four categories, and these are my entries for the best spray paint makeovers of all time.

(Just click on the before and after picture of your choice to be taken to vote.)

Lawn & Garden - Headboard Bench

Headboard Bench

Decor – Funky Bedroom Set

Custom Salon Set

Kid Stuff – Tres Chic Play Kitchen

Puppet Theater

Garage Sale – Antique Side Table

Kidney Bean Side Table

Thanks so much!!!