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Friday, May 6, 2011

More Paintings too!

Look's like we'll soon be saying good bye to Spring. I'm not looking forward to the blanket of heat that will be coming my way. But I felt inspired to celebrate the moment with some Spring/Summer paintings for the next shipment going out. I really enjoyed painting these. Maybe you might enjoy them too?

I have been doing small studies for my larger paintings as of late. I do a slew of them, taking my lead off juicy pics I find on the web-yep-the web. I'll admit it. Then I choose from the best which ones I will expand into something bigger and better. Take this "Aspens in the Park". 

It came from a smaller 8x10

which... I honestly like better because the greens in the trees are a good color and are not as varied, which helps to pick up on the subtle highlights and depth. Green is tricky. I've been using it a lot this past week, and it's very difficult to mix--very subtle shades are hard to achieve.
For example, here's another 8x10 study which got me into the swing of the green. See all the subtle green colors? Although it was difficult, I had a blast playing around with the mixes here.

And here is the 26x26 expanded from that study. I feel I learned a lot from it.

Seeing the picture on the internet is tempting me to lighten up the blue on the upper left-hand corner, don't ya think? So the rest of the 8x10's never made it to bigger paintings as of yet. BUT I am tempted to move this "Yellow Ranunculas to a larger size. I love it.

I love how the plum in the corner works with the goldens, and actually decided to pair them after seeing this pic Anne Marie posted a couple back on the color Plum. Absolutely dying to see what she does with that color.

And I'm tempted to capture that arrangement on the table, too! Here's some plum again:

And another study of Sea Glass Blue:

Hope you enjoyed my little art walk on this fading Spring evening. If anyone is interested, my studies will now up for grabs on etsy. Have a great weekend.


  1. They're all so lovely! You've got a talent. My fave is the one with the purple. :)


  2. Just lovely. My favorite is the Aspens in the Park.


  3. So nice to find another painter in the blogging crowd! Nice work!

  4. Wow! You're talented :). I love them all!! I want one, do you sell them?
    Have a wonderful Sunday,


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