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Thursday, May 5, 2011

mediteranean blue and an update

Hey guys, I realize Rie and I have both been MIA lately. I actually went into hiding, myself. I know you can't do both. Either way, there's been some sort of war going on. OK, I really did go into hiding. It happened when Anne Marie posted this:

after I posted 87 pictures of this boring box--bad camera and everything (stomach twist). And right then and there, I decided to secretly go into hiding. I felt like a hack.

I posted several boring pieces, each one seeming to get wierder and worse, finally ending with the rectangle, above. But on Miss Funky Junk's recommendation, I pushed up my sleeves, and got the rectangle a new paint job and hardware. I love Miss F.J.'s blog help articles. They are very down-to-earth and well, SMART. Like her.

A bit of a peek.

You know I love cerulean. I got carried away and painted the inside of this vintage glass lamp, too:

Here's a small picture of it before, and I agree it looks cool in the before, too.

I think it looks lovely in my whitish room. AND if you were wondering the progress of this room, I will let you in on it for another day. But just know this. I trashed my Phoenix coffee table. You know, THE coffee table. I guess I was just trying too hard, so I started fresh with a beautifully shaped new piece and simply painted it a chippy white and was done with it. Yikes. Never take furniture too seriously. That's the moral of the story, folks.


  1. Chin up!!! Don't go into hiding!! Your work is YOUR work and no one elses. Not everything that Michaelangelo did was perfect either. I had a dud today and have decided to leave it alone for a few days before figuring out why I hate it so much! :) Glad you are back.

  2. What an honest and inspiring post. And those sneaky peaks really are sneaky - i want to see more. Now!


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