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Friday, March 11, 2011

Phoenix living room

This is a picture of a Phoenix I painted one day. I decided I loved it too much and couldn't part with it, so it now hangs in my living room. I thought it about time to invite you-all over. Just know, before you enter, that it all started from $200, so it's not exactly glam city, but I'm happy with the process, so far.

When I had to flee move down to Phoenix, pregnant and with 5 young children a couple of months ago, I stuffed the car with our clothes, and that was all my kids and I had when we got down here. It was very difficult. But with the help of so many loving people, a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, (and I strongly believe God's grace, too), we now have this!


So my camera, eh-em, is not the greatest, but I think I captured the colors and the feeling. Does anyone recognize anything in the picture? Um, my coffee table? When something doesn't go right, try, try again. We found this sad little table abandoned in the garage when we first arrived here. I wanted to make it the centerpiece of my new Phoenix living room. 

I like the flow of the round table in this long room. And a three-year-old with his blanket to boot. Just go with it.

The couch was a $75 blue and white plaid with classic structure off Craig's. I was talked into it by Maria and Holly to get the slip covers. I figure, what's one more load? (80% off for $20 at Tarjay). I like the metal lamp ($2 yard sale), the floor lamp ($4 yard sale), the 2 lamp shades ($4 GW) the wood side tables (total $15). There's one of those famous IKEA rocker chairs cut off in the corner with a white quilt thrown over it. In Progress. And the curtains are really cheery, too. Goodwill sheets for $2. In five minutes, some hot glue, a snip and a rip, they were up on my PVC pipe in no time, lookeeng good.

Can you see the ripped material? This girl is not cutting and hemming that much material. So I'm thinking it fits with the carefree casual gardeny spirit of the room. lol

The pillows are not sewn yet either. (old maternity shirts, my friends) I will do those when I get my sewing machine fixed. Granted, the process of this room took several thousand "here and there's" over the course of 4 months. I love my hand-crocheted grammy blanket. And such a happy little guy on it, too. AHHHHH! Where'd he go?

Oh, there he is. Sorry, couldn't resist. It's the mommy blogger in me coming out. 

So here's a quick before of the coffee table, 

and an up-close after. The dark green and brown together were too strong for me. But I kept the greens and the botanical, and distressed for a garden feel. Love all the gentle colors in it.

and some little pink leaves I painted in the side table . I'd like to change out that knob for something jewel-like. The original country time knob left an impression in the wood. I see it. I don't like it.

Okay, the following picture I don't like. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe some of you design gurus could help me out with what it is. Maybe the browns in the armoire are too heavy. Maybe the set of pictures are not meshing. I know the yellow chair is a bit goofy, and is still in progress. And you don't even have to tell me I need an area rug, because I know that already, too. :) I show this picture to you so you can get an idea of what is going on in this corner, because I like all of the elements in themselves.

These pictures make my heart float. I showed you the top one, but the lower is a picture of my great great great grandmother, I have no idea how many greats. Just old, and a giclee was given to me of the original. Her husband died, and left her with 3 young girls. I love the thoughtful stability of her dark triangle shaped dress, with the care-free girls swirling about her, barefoot.

 I wanted to make The Phoenix available to any of our readers who would want to have a commissioned 8x10 original of it, via the link on this blog, here. I don't exactly like to sell my art via internet, but in this case, I would love to make it available to you at my wholesale price, which includes the frame you see on it, and shipping! I plan on making some favorite and personal 8x10's available to our readers every now-and-again in the future. The Phoenix has had great meaning to me as of late, and perhaps you may feel inspired by it, too.

This fun little chair is, like I said, a work in progress, but I wanted to show you the cute little details at the base. A side note too you: the yellow 2x spray paint was really drippy, and I discovered a technique to cure this. When you see drips, wait 1-2 minutes, then wipe lightly with a baby wipe. It only wipes the drip glops, leaving the surrounding paint. Respray lightly.

And the before:

So the corner armoire was purchased for about $35 (score!) If you look closely, the creamy panels are rubbed at the edges, using a baby wipe, with gold oil paint.

Here's the before:

Can you tell the glow from the gold paint on the panels? In real life, I think it's stunning. Maybe I can shoot this with a better camera soon, but you can still get a glimpse of the depth here.

So au revoir, and then I hope to show you my dove-painted dining table with it's variety of silver antiqued chairs, which you can see a bit of the progress, here.


  1. This all looks just lovely. What a wonderful place to relax in. Good job.

  2. Your living room could cost 1.00 or 1 million dollars, it would not matter to me...I love it! Keep up the good work!

  3. I don't know your story of why you moved but your phoenix is just so symbolic of rising from the ashes which is basically what you did with your kids. You're just proving that you can have nice things with special meaning to you & it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

  4. Don't worry, I'm not runnin from the law. :) You got it, Shell. That's why I took time to post this. We can't be victims to what life gives us.

  5. I love the coffee table. I'm thinking about that corner and I'm thinking the gold on those frames is just too heavy for the otherwise lightness of this room. JMO

  6. This all look is great and your information is fantastic..
    Thanks for sharing..

  7. Keep your chin up sweetie! Things can only continue to get better. Your home is looking lovely and I look forward to watching it bloom, along with you.

    A new friend,

  8. Wow, love the color in the room and the casual feel. I wanted to thank you for reading about my project on Remodelaholic and for leaving a comment. As a new blogger, I sooo appreciate that!

  9. Hi Cara!

    Your home looks great! You are talented! I think the gold frames are wonderful! I think what may be throwing off that corner of the room isn't the fact they are gold, but maybe that they need to be spaced closer together :] Thank you so much for sharing pictures, I love interior design and to see other people's creativity! And that Phoenix IS amazing!

    (Mark Anthony's (the warehouse) wife)


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