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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lot’s o’ Toddler Girl’s Spring/Summer Clothes

Well ladies, this worked out well for me last season, so I thought I’d make the offer again. 

I have a mountain of gently used and super cute spring and summer clothes and shoes piled high on my kitchen table as we speak. 

To preface this, I must reveal that my baby daughter, who is turning 3 this month (against her mother’s wishes) was the first baby girl in my husband’s family for 100 years!  She has two older brother’s, and I was resolved to the fact that we would most likely end up with a slew of boy children.  I was shockingly and joyfully surprised when we found out that she was a girl.  And she has had, way, way, WAY too many clothes and shoes ever since.  :)  I find little girl clothes irresistible.  Made even harder when you have such an adorable model…


929485742_rie kids 0124

Since I don’t think I’ve ever shared a pic of my kids on the blog before, here she is with her two older bros who are soon to be 6 and 9 years old:


Now you see why I keep having children!!!  Irresistible!!!  (BTW, these pics were taken by my BFF since 6th grade Tiffany Lee, of Tiffany Lee Photography.  If you are in the Prescott, AZ vicinity, I highly recommend her!  She’s so talented!!)

Anyways, back to business at hand!  I have a sickening SLEW of clothes and shoes that she wore last year and won’t fit in this year (sniffle, sniffle…).  They are Size 18-24 month and 2T, but all worn at the same time.  Predominantly Gymboree brand, because I love their clothes.  The shoes are size 6.  I just got finished sorting, photographing and editing everything.  I can set up a photobucket if anyone out there is interested.  I’ll certainly give a better deal than Ebay, or even Goodwill.  The more you buy, the more generous I feel with discounts.  :)  Let me know in a comment below with your email address if you’re interested, or email me privately at twicelovelyfurniture@gmail.com.  There’s seriously enough here for 3 kids!

I also have a smaller lot of 12-18 month clothes that somehow got missed when I sold the previous year’s clothes.

Thanks ladies!!


  1. Im going to forward this to my girlfriend who might be interested. My girls are 5 and 7 so we're just getting ready to do a huge cleanout as well. Im considering setting up a blog sale.

  2. oh my gosh she is the cutest thing ever!!!!! (well besides my kids, of course. ;) ). seriously adorable!! and so are the boys, too. do you know what you are having this time? i guess boy since you are getting rid of her clothes?
    by the way, i obviously haven't seen your husband, but i think your kids all look like you- they all have your eyes and are unmistakably siblings.

  3. Your kids are adorable, you really shouldn't stop! At our house we are only capable of having girls (thus far) so I would love to see the clothes that you are selling! thank you so much I love your blog and love seeing all of the furniture transformations, you help me see the treasure in trash! alarnell@yahoo.com

  4. I guess that means you are having a boy?? :)

  5. You have beautiful children. ;-)

  6. I was the first girl born into my fathers side of the family in over 100 years too! How crazy =]

  7. Hey Ann Marie....I would definitely be interested in your bigger lot depending on the season. Anyway I can see pictures and pricing? Thanks! jenniferashleywalker@yahoo.com

  8. I wish I had some $$$ to send your way (but thats the economy and running a house on one income) because my daughter is only 15 months old and in 18months - 2T she is super tall and skinny! Your babies are precious by the way!

  9. Your kids are all absolutely adorable! Your daughter is a doll. That little red tutu is precious! If she ever outgrows that let me know. I would buy that from you for my friend's little daughter.

  10. I LOVE your blog & I also thought I'd tell ya that you've got a permanent link on my blog page!
    Keep up the great blogging!
    Krystal @

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  12. Have you sold all of these yet? I am your newest follower and would love to see them if you haven't yet! jessica1cook@hotmail.com Thanks!

    Love love love your blog! You are my newest inspiration! www.taketwodesigns.blogspot.com

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  14. Wow! I like your blog, it looks fantastic and your angels are really adorable. A lot of thanks for sharing.



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