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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nursing. Staring. Nursing. Staring.

For the past 2 months, I've been sitting on my couch. Oh-but I nurse. And I also stare at my dam-(man) coffee table. I'm losing my mind. I am constantly staring at that coffee table while I nurse. And nurse. and nurse. And now I'm thinking the brown color is only one step above grotesque.

 It IS! Look at it. (I do). And I'm wondering, while I nurse, if I should paint that build-a-dam coffee table again?! Is it worth painting a coffee table AGAIN? For the THIRD TIME? Because my baby doesn't DO this:

all the time. And sometimes a house needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Hello, coffee table? Are you hearing this?!! Breathe. Yes. I officially have lost my mind. BUT... thankfully I only need to sit and nurse, and that only requires boobs. And later I can regain my sanity by ooh-ing and ahh-ing at other people's coffee tables. Once I become mobile again. That's going to happen again, right?


  1. Yeah, all the nursing has made you lose it. It is absolutely beautiful. But I can sympathize with you... after a looking at the same stuff for too long, no matter how much I loved it, I want a change. I love to change up our living space. And I love your table. LOVE IT!

  2. You can come paint my coffee table!

  3. You sound exactly like me. :) I think mines from OCD though. The nursing will subside and the table will bug you even more. I say paint it! You might fall in love with it all over again.

  4. all i have to say is lots of kudos for recognizing that sitting and nursing is so wonderful for you both. babe will be grown and done soon enough, even as they currently are velcro for 20 hrs a day

  5. LOL with you... not at you. Doesn't it feel like our minds will go absolutely dormant while we sit and nurse. and nurse. and nurse. Not that I'm in that season NOW but five years ago.. yes.
    That coffee table is only going to get more "love" as your sweet baby grows and begins to toddle and bang things on it. So just love it for what it is and know that one day...
    it'll look even worse. LOL
    Hang in there! Grab a good magazine to flip through and a little notebook to jot down ideas and even some scripture to read and memorize while you're pinned to the sofa. Those are things I found helpful. :)

  6. lol, yer killin' me! I've so been there.

  7. I nursed five babies and I know how you feel...but, it really goes by so fast.
    Enjoy your day-dreaming and nursing. It's a great time to come up with ideas for when you are a little free again, and you will be!

  8. Hello! I can SOOOO sympathize! My youngest is 3 yrs old now and I feel like I'm finally at the point where I am painting and creating freely after nursing her for 19 months or so. She has finally become pretty independant and plays on her own for hours now. Nursing is both difficult and so unbelieveably rewarding at the same time! Hang in there and the housework AND coffee table can wait... Neither are going anywhere but that little baby will be grown and gone before you know it! Enjoy!

  9. I love that coffee table. Please don't paint it. Close your eyes or nurse somewhere else.


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