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Sunday, February 6, 2011

French Farmhouse Table

Enough of my know-it-all artist blab, and back to the subject of furniture. Where is Anne Marie when we need her? We can guarantee she's lying on her couch this very minute, still sick, but slowly getting better. Bless her heart. I'll show you a few bad photos of what I've been working on recently. If you haven't already inferred at this point... hello, I'm crazy. Granted, this table is a slow work in progress--I just had a newborn (good) baby. Actually, I'm convinced these fun projects during quiet evenings are a way to keep my sanity. BTW I am so happy I am not pregnant anymore. After weeks of tents and stretch pants, I no longer struggle with fears of resemblance to a certain character on Despicable Me. What a relief. lol!

 This was the Before. I was attempting a dark stain on this boring standard farmhouse table. It just wasn't cutting it for me.

So then, as always, I decided to have some... um, fun. Don't pay any attention to those chairs. I'm open to any ideas, as long as it's not too time consuming or expensive. Here's a despicably glaring pic for you, lol.

I took a deep turquoise, mixed in a dark grey and brown, and painted it on as my first layer. I then dry-brushed some cream white over the top and rubbed it in with a damp paper towel to avoid streaks. Sanding was done before and after these steps. The curving white lines are painted on heavily, so they are left behind after sanding away the surrounding areas. I was really happy with this effect. Here's another bad picture of it with some art on the wall. I kind of like it with the deep reds.

I hope your weekend was wonderful. Cheers! Cara


  1. This is SO sweet! Love how the table turned out, and especially how the heavy spots at the edge of the design look a bit like a dimensional outline.

  2. What a great table! I love the blue!

  3. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! You can see my post at http://thatmommyblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/little-old-stylish-me.html.

  4. LOVE how it turned out Cara!! (and yes, you need a new camera.) :P Maybe just spray paint the chairs??

  5. I think it is lovely! I too have 5 kiddos, and I have this dresser in my youngest's room that I bought before she was even born, intending to paint it. And eek, it is still sitting there in it's wood colored glory. :s

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Such a brilliant mind. I find it cute! I am happy how it turned out MS. Cara. I think you should try spray paint the chairs to enhance it more.

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  7. wow! great job on the table redo. it looks wonderful.

    ps i'm your newest follower. great blog!


  8. Very pretty table. I love the paint treatment!

  9. i love french farmhouse, and your table is fab!!! thanks for all of your great ideas, this is my first time bloggin and it so addicting!!!!


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