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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Custom Set for an Eclectic Salon

Sorry I’ve been MIA again.  Last week was a whirlwind, which carried into this week, and I’m just now getting my stuff together enough to post.

Saturday the 17th, Cara and I set up for our first try at a big furniture sale.  We set up at a community wide yard sale day in a large, local subdivision.  It was a gorgeous day.  We were excited.  But the crickets chirped, we had few visitors, and didn’t make a single sale.  I was about ready to throw in the towel.  How can we keep doing this if no one is buying the things we’re making?

Cara set out to try and get some of our pieces out of our homes (halleluiah!) and into some local Salons.  She had great success with one Salon in particular that is decorated in black and white with lots of damask (perfect!)  Silver lining #1!!!

I decided to give another push at doing some nice Craigslist ads to move along some of the pieces we had on hand.  We were contacted by a lady who is starting up a new little boutique with her Mother-in-law and Sisters-in-law.  She had seen our pieces on CL, LOVED them, and wanted to talk to us about furnishing their boutique with our furniture.  They would, in turn, sell the furniture for us in their store for FREE (read no consignment percentage!)  They have the benefit of having a furnished store from which to display all their goodies (jewelry, handbags, etc.), and we get (hopefully) some great exposure and a place to sell our stuff!  Silver lining #2!!!

The shiny, sparkly, gleaming silver lining #3:  On Thursday, I met with Elizabeth, who had also seen and fell in love with the stuff I had posted on CL.  She works at a cute and eclectic Aveda salon where each of the stylists have their own little room which is theirs to decorate.  She wanted me to do some custom pieces for her salon room.  She needed a large dresser to keep all her equipment and stuff, a large framed mirror, and a small piece to house all the product for sale.  Elizabeth was SO fun to work with.  We came up with a great color scheme and design ideas, bouncing ideas off each other.  I think she LOVED the finished product as much as I did.  :)

Here are the pieces as they were when we started on Friday:

 P1030108 P1030112P1030111 

And here’s how they turned out:  (The top color on the paint chip on the dresser is the wall color in her salon room, “Sea Kelp” from Behr.  The GORGEOUS main color on the dresser and side table is Catalina Mist from Krylon.  Yes!  A spray paint!)




So, things are looking up.  I am finally starting to get the feeling that this endeavor could really work out.  Thank goodness, because it’s so FUN and rewarding!  And I love working with Cara (hugs, Cara…)

Oh!  And a great big thank you to my cuz Meghan, who is the proud owner of the Springy Chair and End Table!  (hugs, Meg…)

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This project is also participating in the Spray Paint Challenge over at the CSI Project!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

black-is-back side tables

The girls had a wonderful time at this last GW Saturday 50% off day.  I wound up with $24 worth of 8 white curtain panels I dont need, but I found this for $4:

A cute lil footrest/seat/coffee table, and yes--that is bleah green carpet. DON'T ask). Isn't the foot rest so sweet? I'm keeping her for this room she's in. Originally, the legs were cherry wood color, but I'm doing them turquoise, now. I usually like to keep things traditional in my home, and then do some playful things here and there. She will make an excellent playmate for what I have goin on in there. Now for some excellent fabric...

And the table underneath is the coffee table I finished.

I also found this side table, too. A pretty common shape and color. 'Scuse the white spray-paint dust on top.

It's that same high-shine cherry.

 And excuse all the commotion and dust in the background, too. I have 5 littles, and there's not a quiet spot in the house.

I wanted to show you an old wooden garden gate I found. Comment to let me know you ideas on it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Painting with black.

Today, a friend of mine was describing to me an awful predicament she incurred while redoing a large hutch, inspired by our site. (btw, we'd like to start into some hutches now that we've had some sales. We're QUITE aware we've been doing chairs for the last 100 posts or so. And another btw, sorry to all our friends and family who TL has given a first shot of bloggy-decor heroine. We are so sorry. Really.)

She began her hutch with black paint. It became a tryannical black blob in her room. No thank you very much. So she ventured unknowingly into a rancid "white". And the story goes on. Black is a so very difficult color. I like it, much. But it can be difficult.

not only for this reason:

ewwwwww! Did I just show you that?

Take another look at the garden gate table we did:

Miss Mustard Seed liked this and featured it, but it never sold, and I felt like the top of the table looked dirty with the black glaze we used.

So we attempted something else. A black top, instead. Granted this table was free. And it was our pet ginuea pig. We'd never really done a large flat surface of black. AM had used a bronze/black rub spray for her entertainment center, and had sprayed several small pieces in her house, but a large table? It was an adventure, to say the least.

So we liked the general way it looked, but the black finish really was important. And it was not perfection. The satin black looked blotchy from the spray paint. You don't notice it because my camera is not the best.
I even tried spraying over with clear satin sealant. Nope. And then I tried semi-gloss polyurathane. Nope. Too shiny. AAAAAAAgh! Next time I'm buying the satin poly, but it never ended up working. This whole project was a nightmare for other reasons I won't go into, but, live and learn. And hence, $3 chair projects for the rest of the month.

But yesterday, I finally got this little coffee table right!

And I'm hitting myself because I don't have the before, which I know is the reason you come to visit us.

But I want to explain how I got it right. First, a coat of the 2x rustoleum spray in black satin. Then I took out the electric sander with a very fine grade of sand. I sanded the top lightly. Then I distressed the edges, and next, hand-distressed in all the grooves. I then painted my details. I put a light brown glaze over the details (damp paper towel blotted in light brown acrylic paint, smeared over white). You can't tell with this picture of the antiqued white detail, but it looks so much better. I buffed these details and cleaned them up with my fine-grade steel wool. I sprayed satin clear sealant over the top of the coffee table, only. After it dried, I took the steel wool and buffed the top to a smooth, "rubbed", as Pottery Barn says, black. Excellente! Ready to go.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Office Chairs? Sure!

Anyone ever heard of geek chic? I only bought these babies as a donation for a new favorite non-profit agency. They needed some chairs for the office.

Just reeealy boring.

A girl does not buy this wall flower for the lines. But I went with the lines, and I bought this fabric at Jo-Annes:

And boring, right?

The black arms and legs really worked. I mean I really worked at distressing those arms and legs. And I was satisfied with how the wood came through with a low sheen of the satin black.

In the end, it worked. I think they'll add some punch to the boring office, but even better, the visitors will be comfy, and the chairs will last for a while.

So Donna, I hope this adds some spark to the waiting room. I suppose I could've pulled that fabric tighter on the upper, but (breathe) I need to let it go.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Take Two! A Garden Bench

You know when you finish a project and your just not “feeling it?”  Or maybe a giant wind comes up and knocks something over and breaks it, so it’s back to the drawing board?  This project was born of just such circumstances.  And do you know what?  Cara and I both agree it may just be one of our favorites so far.

We had a pair el-cheapo side tables with really nice legs but ugly laminate tops.  Cara did a great job fixin’ them up as best she could, but like I said before, we just weren’t feelin’ them.

tables 034

Then there was the beautiful headboard that Cara painted.  We were definitely feeling that one, but in an unfortunate accident, it was injured and couldn’t be used as a headboard any longer.

headbdfloer 006

So in our second take, we put the headboard, it’s matching footboard, and the two side tables together to make a garden bench.  We spray-painted it (yes that gorgeous color is SPRAY PAINT) using Krylon's Satin Jade.  With a hand-painted bough of cherry blossom, and some brown glazing, we’re very proud of the final product (and fighting over who gets to keep it for their front porch!)  :)


This project is competing in the Spray Paint Challenge at The CSI Project!

Visit thecsiproject.com

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A Springy Chair and End Table

Cara and I are preparing for our first big furniture sale at a community yard sale day this Saturday, so we’re busy, busy, busy finishing up some last projects and getting stuff together, but I thought I’d post the reveal of the chair and end table that I teased you with the other day.  If you remember, the horrid 70’s-ness of the duo:


The disgusting “upholstery” was actually more grody on the reverse side of the “fabric.”  It was covered in a brown kind of rubberish stuff that looked and felt like dirt.  (…shudder…)  Thankfully, it’s gone forever, and in it’s place is this cheerful and springy floral print.


P1030064 P1030068P1030067 P1030065

Hope your Spring is off to a great start!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

An Upholstered Arm Chair

I must apologize for my way-too-long absence.  This upholstery project just about did me in.  I have a new found respect and awe for people who do real upholstery and sew real slipcovers.  Everything about his took me longer and was more difficult than I anticipated.  BUT… I’m DONE and pretty happy with the end product, so I won’t waste one more minute complaining.  :)

I started with this mauve armchair that I got from the “free” section of Craigslist…


I decided I wanted to use several different black and white fabrics to make a slip cover of sorts, but I pulled the sewn slipcover taught and stapled the fabric underneath for a more tailored look.



I made the back tufted cushion reversible between the houndstooth or the denim:
P1030052 P1030058
P1030055 P1030059

The chair originally had a rocker/swivel mechanism on the bottom that was broken and made the chair sit cockeyed, so that came off and was replace by some modern looking wooden legs ($6 for all four at the Habitat Re-Store) which I painted black.

I’m happily taking an upholstery and sewing hiatus, and returning to the familiar world of painting/glazing/distressing, where the only fabric to be seen is stapled with my trusty staple gun and the strait pins are safely away in their cushion.  And BOY do I have some exciting pieces to move onto next!!  I picked up this great chair ($3) and end table ($4) at the GW this past Saturday, and can’t wait to jump into them!!


Let’s take another look at that “upholstery.”  (GROSS!!  What IS that?!?!)

‘Till next time,

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