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Friday, December 3, 2010

A handmade Christmas link party! (and a coffee table turned children's table)

Welcome to our first link party! Hope you gain tons of ideas for your wee ones to love. The link tool will be open for an entire week, so if you still haven't finished your project, there's still time to introduce yourself to all the other gals til next Friday. Be sure to introduce yourself and comment to the person on your right and your left. Can't wait to jury and showcase a few of our favorites!

My project was a shiny, orphaned coffee table I found in the garage of my new house. The previous people (from 2 years before) had left it behind and forgotten it. Awesome. I immediately set it up as an art/snack table for my kids. You might recognize the rug underneath from IKEA, my soft spot for kiddo decor.

Here was a shot of the before:

Table needs to be wiped, as always, you can see the glare of the crumbs in the high-gloss rreflection.

So I had fun with this, because it was ok if I messed up, and it was for play for my kids.

I love it, and there's plenty of room to stash seating all around the table. I don't know about you, but I've had just about enough of those $150 two-chair sets. Have fun ya-all!

Remember, this link party closes next Friday. Enter all you who have lovingly primed, painted, or sewed something for your child.


  1. The table turned out so caaaaute!! REALLY adorable! Good job, my friend!

  2. Really cute! I have a post I'm going to do next week that I will link up. It doesn't have anything to do with furniture, though. :-)

  3. I love how this turned out!!! What a fabulous idea!

  4. that is adorable! so fun and it does make the perfect kids table!

  5. How darling. I've been planning something similar. I'll be glad when I find the right (junk) table to use.

    Warmly, Michelle


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