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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas party wrap-up and catch-up

Congratulations on your news Ann Marie! And a beautiful hutch, too. I miss not being in Prescott to help with restorations, sniff. Twice Lovely is sort of a once upon a time thing, now. I've moved down to Mesa, and have taken new directions with my art, but I really miss the good ol' days in the backyard, brainstorming designs and philosophizing.

Every now and again I might butt in (like throwing a party on here that Ann Marie never even showed up at--doesn't she know that 8-month-pregnant mommies cry VERY EASILY!?). I'm just giving a "word to yo moth-a"; use caution when you visit here for the next two months. Twice Lovely now consists of two ladies in the ugliest stages of pregnancy. Twice ugly. Twice interesting. Blah. Hmph. Phooey. Sniff. and...

But I didn't cry at my party. I enjoyed it, and actually met some cool chicks in the process.

Check these little stuffed animals out. Hysterical. Not only that, she made them from scraps of Goodwill clothes. Nikki's Grand Design furniture re-do's are to be admired, too.

And Sarah, at her Super Cute blog, The Bird's Papaya, had a super-cute bench that I had already seen featured on other blogs, but I wanted to feature her ingenious idea of a book sling out of cute material.

Have a great weekend, everyone. -Cara


  1. Cara, I'm SO soorry you are no longer in Prescott - but wish you the best in Mesa. Be sure to stay in touch with all of via this blog, ok??

  2. I never did thank you for this feature! so THANK YOU!!!


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