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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Audrey Hepburn Room and Some Furniture, too

It all began with a brassy chandelier for $5 from the REstore. That's what I think. My sister thinks it had something to do with wanting to kick-off her new beginning as a freshman in college by remodeling her pink room; big-girl style. But I know it all started with a brassy chandelier for $5 from the REstore.

(Is it me, or is the REstore way more expensive than it should be?
Maybe I've just been to too many 50%-off days at Goodwill and have gotten really cheap.)

Anyhow, deep in my heart, I know I was the one who started it all by giving my sister the white spray-painted chandelier. I know it glamorously seduced her to following order with every last object in her room. Have you ever spray-painted a shoddy brass chandelier? Best DIY high you'll ever get.  Whether it be because of her striking resemblance to Audrey, a white chandy, or the new school year, my sis gave her room a glamorous kick in the patootie.

If you look closely, you see she took old wooden (crappy-oops) shelves, and painted the silhouette of My Fair Lady in blue onto it. Loverly. She also took a dresser, a supernatural grey-green wood tone, and painted it white, giving the fabric inserts a coat of blue with white damask patterns. She actually painted the fabric, and it totally works. Black cute handles unite the other touches of black. So sweet!

Ignore the clutter, folks. Just ignore the clutter.

Does anyone know what movie Audrey wore this hat? A little hint:

Another hint:

Sorry, just had to throw in a little sibling rivalry for ya all. On to the shelf. I just love this.

I hate her. :)

Do you see those loverly prints throughout the room? They are actually family heirlooms of my great aunt's sketches. She was an graphic artist in the 20's and 30's. Pretty sweet, huh?

Sorry about the cords and the junk, but this is real life, remember? And I love this upholstered chair. No girl is too big for this.

 I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. The room turned out great! Love the dresser...great idea to use fabric on the door panels. Awesome, graphic art sketches too! What a fun room!

    Oh, and it's not just you... our ReStore's prices have gone through the roof. Crazy!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. your sis is lucky to have you! the room looks fabulous!!!
    merry christmas!

  3. That room is great. It looks like you come by your talent honestly. My mother and grandmother were my influences.

  4. Merry Christmas to you!! -shaunna :)

  5. What a fabulous room! Love all the Audrey touches, and the color scheme. It's a happy room. I hope you had a great Christmas and felt good :)

  6. I love Audrey Hepburn!!! This room turned out so darn cute!
    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to enter! :)


  7. looks great! did that shelf already have the back or did you buy & paint a new one? i am about to refinish a shelf and need some advice for the back...thx :)

  8. Chrissi with an "i", I wasn't able to find your email, so...
    My sis probably painted it while the back was still attached to the shelves. I'm sure she had to stand back a bunch, to line things up, which prob wasn't too hard because it's monotone and the design is pretty basic. I would recommend taking the back off if it's not too hard to do, though.

  9. OMG! I really love her room. Although I am not a big fan of pink and anything girly, but this one caught my attention. :D

  10. Wow! Her room is pretty outrageous! The handsketched prints are awesome! The talent runs deep in your fam!!! :)


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