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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Costume

This is a little off-topic for this furniture upcycler, but I got the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costume catalog last week, and it got me thinking about Halloween costumes for my kiddos for this year.  I love Halloween!!  And I love planning their costumes! 

Looking through the pages of the this year’s costume catalog made me think about the adorable lady bug costumes my sister-in-law and I made for our daughters last Halloween that were inspired by the Pottery Barn Lady Bug costume.


We made the no-sew tutus with spools of red tulle tied onto a fitted bit of elastic to go around their waists.  Then we sewed on a bunch of black pom poms for the spots.  They wore black turlenecks for TCP and black tights.  My niece had a cute antennae headband made with black pipe cleaners, but my Bugga Boo was going though a phase of not keeping anything in her hair EVER, so we passed on that element.  She, instead, wore the bright red patent leather mary janes.  We fashioned the frame for the wings out of coat hangers and hot glued the adorable lady bug fabric (found at Hobby Lobby) around the frame.  We added some red with black polka dot grosgrain ribbon at the center that could go over the shoulders, under the arms, and tie at the back to hold the wings on.  I think they turned out pretty adorable!  (It doesn’t hurt to have such adorable models, either.)  :)


I’m thinking I may try another tutu costume for her again this year.  Am I the only crazy one planning Halloween already?  I bet not.  ;)

This project is competing in the Pottery Barn Challenge over at The CSI Project!

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  1. Not crazy at all and those are adorable! I have seen really cute with costume tutus, they used bright green, purple, orange and black I think! I love fall, just created some free fall printables on todays blog post. Check it out at www.craftyworkinmommy.blogspot.com
    Can't wait to see what you make this year!

  2. Nope, I'm already thinking about it! I make my kiddos costumes most years and I LOVE it (they're 5 and 4). My littlest one told me he wanted to be Toast this year, haha... and I hope he still does. I could really get creative with that idea!

    I think you've inspired me to talk about Halloween costumes too.

  3. Ha! I've been thinking of Halloween for a couple weeks now. We dress up as a family so looking for something that would work for the 3 of us.

  4. Love it! We've decided to go, as a family, to Disneyland in the first of October. And we're going to attend their Halloween party while we're there. I'm not only thinking about it....I've got stress! And it has to be first of October, instead of the end....Oy!

  5. Your ladybugs are the cutest things I have ever seen! Adorable costumes and adorable little girls. So precious. I can't wait to see this year's costumes. Halloween will be here before you know it!

  6. Thanks so much! My daughter has asked for a ladybug costume this year, and I was considering shelling out the big bucks for a PB one on Ebay. I can handle this diy. :)

  7. Last year we had a pirate costume for my daughter that we had bought on clearance the year before. Unfortunately I did not have anything for my son, but we cut up some of his clothes and made him a pirate as well! This year we have a Snow White costume purchased on clearance and plan to make my son one of the 7 dwarves.

  8. so cute! you are so clever, ann marie!! when is your phoenix idol competition? i can't wait to see a video again!!!!


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