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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Headboard Bench

I picked up a neat headboard and footboard combo at the thrift store the other day for $10, and thought they’d be perfect for a porch bench repurposing.  I’ve been wanting to try and build one of these for a while now.

I’m getting really BAD at remembering to take before pictures, but I stopped a little bit into the painting to snap a few pics so you could see the construction.



As you can see, the back of the bench is the headboard (this one is a twin), and the front is the low footboard.  (If your set has a higher footboard than mine, I’ve seen it cut in half and used as the arms of the bench.)  The seat is a rectangle made from 2 x 4’s, with 1 x 4 slats for the top.  I braced the sides to give it some added stability with some table legs I had lying around from another project.

The whole thing got a coat of flat brick red paint (to match my front door) and I did some hand painted detail on the bottom front to fancy it up a little bit.

P1030596P1030596P1030596P1030596 P1030592

Here it is in front of my house, matching my front door.  :)

I think I might want to do some more decorative painting and carry the design all the way across the bottom, but I’ll call it done for now.  ;)

EDIT:   Well, I couldn’t leave it alone.  :)  I added some more decorative painting to the bottom front to carry the design all the way across.  I like it better now.  The openings on the headboard back were looking like eyes and the design looked like the nose and a handlebar mustache.  (…or am I just crazy… nevermind… don’t answer that…)  I’m pretty sure that I’m really, for reals, done with it now.  :)


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  1. GORGEOUS! And to think, I have a headboard in my storage shed that I was thinking about getting rid of! Oh, the shame...now I know what to do with it! Woot! Thanks...and awesome job!
    Peace & Love,

  2. Turned out great. I love how it matches the front door and the brick. Great job!

    Makaz Home

  3. Cute, I'd love to try making one of those! Sorry this is cheeky but you wouldn't want to have had a couple of drinks before you flop yourself down on it, those spiky bits at the front could hurt ;P

  4. that is fantastic! i love that you can use the footboard pieces to hang your hat when you grap a seat, or hang your tote. so cool! and i love the treatment you have it.

  5. Very cute! I love the idea of a headboard/footboard bench - too smart!


  6. Thats ingenius! You are very creative. I likey!

  7. Wow! That's one of the nicest headboard benches I've see. Great job!

  8. Thoroughly impressed with all your work. Looks cute!

  9. Oh very cute!! I love it and great idea. Love the detail on the headboard. Great job!

  10. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your bench! That is amazing! I've been snooping around your blog -- I'm in love! I HAVE to follow and see all the new things you'll transform! :)

  11. that looks fantastic! love that it's on the fancy edge of things with the curvy legs and other bits. great job!

  12. Great job! I'm liking the extra detail you added later... makes it even more special.

  13. I will now keep this project in the back of my mind, searching for an old bed frame I can repurpose. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. The bling at the bottom made it AM. I am in love...with everything you do!!

  15. I love this! You are one creative woman!! Great job!

  16. So cute! Thanks for the construction tips. I bought a bed wanting to do this the other day... but when I got it home, I realized the footboard was too short to make arms. But now I see that I can just make it the bottom part. Thanks!

  17. I love this, and how you put it on your porch, too! The detail you added to the bottom is so pretty! :)

    I have had my eyes open for a bed to make one of these...I will know it when I see it! Thanks for sharing how you made yours~ I am going to bookmark this post, in case I run into trouble!

    Have a good night!

  18. very nice

    WHEN you get into the groove of taking BEFORE pictures and write at least a littl tutorial for your project, do come get yourself links back to your site so our readers can find you from our pr3-4 site, e.g. here:


  19. Love it! What a coincidence that we both posted about our bed turned bench this week (http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2010/07/turning-craigs-list-bed-frame-into.html). I have to say, I really like your headboard. Wish I had found a bed like yours.

    Well done.

  20. Beautiful job! I love the colors!

  21. so fun! i really want to make one of these. love how yours turned out!!

    come check out my blog too if you'd like :)

  22. I just bought a headboard and footboard to make one of these benches. I am so looking forward to getting to do this project.

  23. Oh my gosh.. the finished result is so awesome! The added decorative painting was just the right touch. Amazing bench!


  24. I like the addition of what you did on the bottom. The bench is just stunning. Great job!

  25. I love that so much! We found a headboard like that at a thrift store but didn't buy it because it wouldn't fit our bed. Now I'm kicking myself!

  26. This is a great idea!I am going to look for something similar and try this:)!!


  27. What a great transformation! I love what you did and I'm glad you didn't stop with the decorative painting.


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