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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour de Thrift and some Sneak Peeks

I ventured down into the hellish heat of Phoenix on Saturday for the first (hopefully annual? semi-annual?) Arizona Bloggers Tour de Thrift.  Thanks so much to Jax from Aly & Ash and Ashley from Cute as a Fox for doing a smashing job organizing this very successful event.  We met for brunch at Mimi’s Cafe, then headed off to three area Goodwill stores.  The best part, I have to say, were the full-to-bursting-with-fab-and-useful-stuff swag bags each attendee received!  Paint from Krylon and Behr, Gorilla Glue, Mod Podge, just to name a few.  Goodwill was excited that we were making the rounds and gave each attendee a $5 gift card for our shopping trip!

Here’s Kendra (My Insanity), Jax (Aly & Ash), Me (with the Bugga Boo, of course) and Ashley (Cute as a Fox) before the shopping commenced.


I was, naturally, on the lookout for furniture pieces, but didn’t have a whole lot of success on that front.  I did, however, find a funky hutch thingy to make another puppet theater out of.  It was only $7.50, so figuring in the $5 gift card graciously provided by my bff Goodwill, it only cost me $2.50!  :)  This one even has a second tier “stage” and little cabinets to store the puppets!  Can’t you just picture it?!?!  How should I paint it?  Colors?  Themes?  I’d love your clever suggestions.


On Friday, I was at my local Goodwill and came across a fantastic, really (I’m not sure how) old dresser.  Normally, when I come across something Friday afternoon before a 50% Saturday, I will defer buying, come back at opening on Saturday, and get said piece for half off.  This time, since I was going to be out of town early Saturday morning, I had to act fast.  It was priced $50, and I used my 20% off coupon, so I only paid $40.  That’s high for me, but I had flashes of Whiteberry, and had to have it!  :)


Isn’t it stunning?!?!  When I brought it home, I was telling my mom that I wished that it had more of the original hardware.  But this morning, as i was starting to get it cleaned up and sanded, I noticed that behind one of the top drawers were ALL the missing knocker style pulls from the bottom portion of the dresser!  Score!!  So I only have to buy 4 knobs for the top drawers.  I’m having the strong inclination that I’m going to want to keep this baby for the Bugga Boo’s room.  The dresser I have in there now was a freebie anyhoo, and I’m sure I could sell it as-is on Craigslist for at least the $40 this one cost me, so it would be (financially) an even trade and this one is sure to graduate the refinishing process Summa Cum AWESOME!!  (…what? Pardon my rambling…)

Here’s a little sneak peek of a desk I’m just putting the finishing touches on as we speak.  Can you say “Apple Green?”


Oh!  And I had a few people ask me about how I faired in the local “Idol” competition I posted about a few weeks ago.  I did not make it through the first week (where I sang “Something To Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt), BUT I won week 2 singing “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall.  So I’m through to the finale, which is (I believe) in the beginning of September.  :)  I’m stressing about song choice!  Any suggestions on that front?  Here’s the video from week two for those of you who may be interested.  ;)  (I just noticed that I’m wearing the same top I wore to the Tour de Thrift, ha!)


  1. So glad you had fun!:-) That dresser is amazing. Dying to see the transformation!


  2. Ohhh! Is that what they call a gentleman's dresser with the valet box on top? Regardless, you got a wonderful buy. The thrift tour sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the finished dresser. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  3. Fun finds, can't wait to see what your genius does to them! & your song was fantastic!!

  4. Love the dresser! I cannot wait to see how you transform it. Same with the puppet theater.

  5. The dresser... I love the inlays or the designs going on in the wood. Are you going to just stripe right over that or something? It's so delovely. And the puppet theatre... remember The Sound of music?

  6. Lay de odle lay de odle lay hee hoo! (Thanks Cara! I'll be singing that all night now. ;)

  7. wow- you can really sing!!! you are awesome! of course, now i have to rethink our future karaoke plans, unless i can just be your backup and shake my hips and just say things like "oooooh" and repeat words after you...
    i think for your song you need to pick something upbeat like that and somewhat trendy. what about mercy by duffy?
    and looks like you had some fun thrifting and making friends. your daughter is ADORABLE! so cute!
    in regards to the puppet theater- i actually think a big top theme would be really cute- make it circusy- tent looking and you could add a triangle banner to the front and make cute little popsicle stick felt animals, etc.

  8. I watched your video singing...you did awesome. You got my vote. I can't wait for the reveals on these projects. Woohoo!

  9. hey there! love that dresser, I'd have been so stoked to find the pulls too! as for the puppet theatre, here is a link to an idea from the old English "Punch & Judy" theatres that were common in England during the 18oos...


  10. It was so good to meet you! I wish I couldve stayed for the whole day shopping with all the girls!


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