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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remembering my Grandpa

Yesterday, while browsing through all the great projects over at The CSI Project, I came across this great Eye Chart Wall Art by Marianne at Junkin’ Junky.  I thought it was such a clever take on the Subway type signage that’s everywhere right now.  But more deeply than that, I had a very sentimental reaction to her little project, because my Grandpa was an optometrist before he passed away.

I commented on her blog about how much liked it and asked what font she used.  To my surprise, she emailed me back with not only the name of the font, but the whole project as a word file.  All I had to do was to change out her words for my own to replicate it!  I want to sincerely thank Marianne for her thoughtfulness!

I wanted to do this project as a gift for my mom, a little belated Father’s Day gift for her.  So I decided on a scripture from the book of Malachi (4:6), “He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their father.”  Another scripture that came to mind (but was really too long for this application) was from Psalm 127 “Children too are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children born of one’s youth.  Blessed are those whose quivers are full.”  My grandpa certainly had a full quiver!

My grandpa left a legacy of love and faith that is still deeply felt by his family.  He was father to 11 children (my mom included), grandfather to 39, great-grandfather to 12 and counting!  He remains quite loved, remembered fondly, and his presence sorely missed.


This picture is from the early days of the family.  My mom is the little girl in this picture. 

(4 kids down, 7 to go!)


So here’s my version (for my mom) of Marianne’s wonderful Eye Chart.  I had it printed on ledger size (11 x 17) ivory colored paper at Office Max (it cost 20 cents.)


And a shot a little closer (so you can actually, maybe, read it.)


P.S. – Any of my family who reads this and would like to have this for their own, email me and I can send you the file.  :)


  1. Ann Marie

    it's beautiful and touching and so meaningful to you and our family, that can't be beat.

    I was happy to share the word doc and am grateful for the shout out.

    Mel (Marianne)

  2. Your grandmother is beautiful! What a special friend I have. This is perfect for your mother. She will love it.

  3. oh wow! this is so great! i would really love that file so i could make one myself. is it on 8 by 11 paper? i do not see your email address so i am hoping that this will get to you and wont be to inconvenient. i would greatly appreciate it! thanks!

  4. I love this! Great idea and project. I would really love that file for a present for Christmas for my in-laws. Hopefully you can email it to me-eakhansen@yahoo.com
    Thanks for all your projects and ideas and sharing others' work as well!

  5. I am not a member of your family, but I would love it if you would email it to me. I lost my Dad this morning - he was 92 and such a wonderful man. This verse fits him so perfectly because he was a true man of God and ADORED his wife, kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Family meant so much to him!

  6. what a neat idea and a great way to remember your grandfather. mine died when i was 9, and i can still hear his voice and the way he called me his "little chicken".

  7. Wow you don't waste time! It was just posted...I love that about you. :-) Looks great what a wonderful momento.

  8. This is a great idea! It really is beautiful!
    I will never look at an eye chart the same again!
    Just thought I would let you know I featured your blog today!

  9. I love this and would enjoy having one of my own if you wouldn't mind sharing the file with me. I can't seem to find your address on here but mine is askmeaboutautism@yahoo.com. I'm so enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing. Oh, what size print did you frame?

  10. I would LOVE to have this!! Such a cool idea and such an absolutely perfect verse for the current season we are in right now. thanks for sharing!!

  11. I can't find an email link to send a note... could you email this to me so I can do something simular for my husband? I love it. Thanks so much.


    PS spent the last two hours going thru your blog and still not done. love it. great eye candy. :)


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